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On election eve, the race is still too close to call. Four major national polls out Sunday suggest that the presidential race is a virtual tie.

President Obama is campaigning in Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa in the final hours leading up to the election, while Governor Romney visits Florida, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire. Read more.

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The debates

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1st Presidential debate

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The first Presidential Debate of 2012 happened Wednesday night at the University of Denver on Wednesday (October 3rd). President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney debated the topic of domestic policy, with moderator Jim Lehrer (host of Newshour on PBS). See the debate photos.

Watch MSNBC host Chris Matthews' post-debate tirade over Obama's performance.

Governor Hickenlooper goes off on Michael Brown live on the air! Listen below:

Read the Westword's story about the dustup between Brown and Hickenlooper here.

David Sirota and Michael Brown spoke with Denver Post Publisher Dean Singleton about media involvement and influence on the Presidential Debates and on the election:

Michael Brown and David Sirota spoke to Congresswoman Diana Degette live from DU before the debate:

Colorado's place in the election:
As a swing state, and the most influential of the Rocky Mountain states, Colorado is critical in the race to the White House. While traditionally Ohio has been seen as an important swing state, this time around both parties could win the presidency without Ohio, provided they take the Rocky Mountain West. Colorado carries 9 electoral votes, New Mexico 5, Montana 3 and Nevada 6, giving the region 23 votes to Ohio’s 18.

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