“Empowering veterans through awareness, support, and collaboration"

Mission Statement: Veteran’s Passport to Hope mission consists of three main focus areas: Awareness, Fund-Raising, and Cooperation

Awareness: VP2H’s primary mission is to raise awareness about the issues like PTSD or unemployment which veterans encounter as they reintegrate themselves into civilian society. Increasing awareness will foster an understanding of their efforts and compassion for their struggle. 

Fund-Raising: VP2H's secondary mission is to raise money for veteran-friendly nonprofits. The group organizes fundraising events that support local high-quality charities which maximize their accountability to veteran causes and are transparent in their fund raising and giving practices.

Cooperation: VP2H believes that by working together and by sharing ideas, they can reduce competition between non-profit groups and more efficiently and more effectively help Veterans.

History: Veteran’s Passport to Hope was founded in 2012 by Shane Schmutz, an Army veteran, to help aid Colorado veterans and their families. VP2H is a non-partisan, all-volunteer group, with volunteers who have both military and civilian backgrounds. In 2012, the Veteran's Passport to Hope held a very successful gala which raised over $300,000 and had over 800 attendees. VP2H hosted its second annual gala in October 2013 after operating a full year as Veteran’s Passport to Hope. In 2013, VP2H efforts raised just over $221,000 and distributed the funds across three Colorado-based veteran charity beneficiaries. 

Goals in 2014: Over the calendar year, Veteran's Passport to Hope hopes to raise $1,000,000 for veteran-related charities, expand their community involvement through events and in turn recruit more volunteers to VP2H.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit veteranspassport2hope.org