Mandy Connell

The last KHOW Mandy Connell Blog!

Well the cat's out of the bag!

Senator Rand Paul on today!

Rep. Elbert Guillory today!

LISTEN: Speaker Paul Ryan joins Mandy

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan at 7:05

Mandy Connell

From 5a to 10a, Monday through Friday, Mandy Connell brings local politics and issues alive to Denver. As the new voice for many people who share her frustrations, Mandy is both a rabble-rouser and champion, depending on where she thinks she can do the most good. Because of her unedited, straightforward style, her audience views her not only as a source of information, but as an advocate and more importantly, a friend.

Mandy brings more than 16 years of experience to TalkRadio 630 KHOW. Most recently, she hosted a top-rated talk show on sister-station NewsRadio 84 WHAS in Louisville, KY. Mandy has also been on-air in Orlando and Fort Myers, FL.

Moving to Denver has been my goal for many years. The city is vibrant, beautiful and full of great people when you throw the mountains into the mix, there simply isn't a better place to be!


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