HAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST RACE KERFUFFLE? It started with Paul Ryan making comments that lefties jumped as proof of his shriveled, racist heart, even though he didn't mention race at all.  Then lots of folks started arguing pretty much that white people are not allowed to discuss the problems with black culture as part of a larger discussion on poverty.  It was presented as an either/or proposition, as if there can't be multiple reasons for the grinding poverty in the black community.  Then there is this story, and it comes at an interesting point in this conversation.  A first generation American whose parents hail from Ghana, has been accepted to EVERY Ivy League school.  This is no easy feat.  And it's caused some to ask if why African immigrants perform better than their native born peers.  And it's a question that could be part of an answer to the bigger question above.  We shall discuss. (As a side note, I did quite a lengthy blog post yesterday with lots of links to the above stories only to find it gone this morning, so sorry I don't have time to track down all the links now.  Sorry, technology sucks sometimes)

I'M ALTERNATELY HORRIFIED BUT INTRIGUED AS WELL This photo makes my heart hurt and my stomach growl. Enjoy.

WHAT?  An Arvada resident who sued over the Arvada City Council's use of secret ballots to pick a new member has been told by a judge he can't sue because he doesn't have standing to challenge the violation of Colorado's Open Records law.  If a citizen of Arvada doesn't have the right to demand the city council follow the law, who, exactly, does? 

COULD WE FORCE A BALANCED BUDGET ON DC? There may be hope for the Union.  There just may be enough states who approve a call for a Constitutional Convention that we may be able to force those in DC to live within their means.  Or should I say our means.  I'll be watching this story closely.

MAYBE WE SHOULD PAY STUDENT ATHLETES At least when they are being utterly failed by the universities which are supposed to educate them.  This no-show class scandal at UNC only gives credence to those who believe that student athletes are being used by their respective schools.  Money and stupid school pride are to blame.  Big time college basketball and football are big money.  And selfish fans who have a "win at all cost" don't care that young men and women are being robbed of a real education as long as they can play.  It's not that I don't think this happens at other schools, but dang, this is really, really bad. 

UH...WHAT? Maybe it's just me, but I don't get performance art like this.


IT'S NOT THAT I DOUBT THE VERACITY OF THE INVESTIGATION....BUT... So a police technician (who was a department public information officer previously) is accused by a former girlfriend of engaging in monkey business in his car, on duty and in a service facility bathroom.  But a thorough investigation can't prove anything, even though a photo on his phone did corroborate part of her story.  Oh and he had over 600 porn pics on his DPD issued phone.  This kind of stuff makes people not trust the police. 


SO WE PROBABLY COULD HAVE SAVED SOME MONEY, HUH. The numbers are in for the Colorado Exchange.  It would appear that 40,000 more people signed up for Medicaid than private insurance.  We didn't need an exchange for that to happen. 


LET'S ALL SHAME THE SEXISTS IN BOULDER! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that Boulder showed the fifth highest INCREASE in the gender wage gap.  HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF BOULDER!  Someone needs to be flogged in the public square for this injustice!  Right after they move the homeless people out of the public square, of course.


THIS IS HILARIOUS And for once a politician is INTENTIONALLY funny.  Showing he has a health sense of humor Rep. Jared Polis made fun of his own fashion choices on April Fools Day with a great press release announcing a very funny fake honor.  Well played, Jared Polis, well played.


YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? I can't stop laughing at this unfortunate skier who was merely following another skiers tracks.  He didn't die, by the way, which is why it's funny, not sad. At least that's what I'm telling myself.


YOU CAN DANCE IF YOU WANT TO, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS BEHIND Thanks goodness scientists have finally devoted some time to the most burning question of our time: how men should dance to pick up chicks.  I swear I'm not making this up.  I have your answer right here, guys.

SO THINGS ARE GOING GREAT IN VENEZUELA Where they are issuing national id cards so people can only buy so much food to avoid hoarding.  Socialism rocks!  

LOCK THEM ALL UP! that is the drumbeat of many climate alarmists who simply can't stand the notion that others may disagree with them.  So much so that dissenters must not only be silenced, but jailed when it comes to man made global warming.  Which really is the American way, right?  

DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE LATEST DEMOCRAT SCANDALS?  The Mayor of Charlotte North Carolina being indicted?  California State Senator Leland Yee running guns?  No?  You are forgiven, because how will you know something has happened if the news media ignores it in favor of a Republican who may or may not have closed a bridge lane, snarling traffic?  Read this and click through the links and you will be SHOCKED at what they deem not newsworthy.