PARENTS, YOU NEED TO READ THIS. It's the Colorado policy on parental notification in health care.  It's horrifying.  Absolutely horrifying. 


WHO IS MICHELLE MALKIN? I love Michelle Malkin.  She is not afraid to say the things that need to be said without being vile and unnecessarily mean (paging Ann Coulter, paging Ann Coulter) and she lives in the Springs.  5280 magazine has a good profile of her in this month's issue and I'll talk to the author Robert Sanchez at 9:05.

 THE JEFFCO PTA IS FULL OF HYPOCRITES AND LIARS. I'm going to keep talking about the two-faced, bulling behavior of the JeffCo Teacher Labor Union and it's cohorts because they are behaving vilely on a regular basis and you need to know.  I'm not the only one, Ben DeGrow at the Independence Institute has noticed too and has written a fantastic column about the censorship and hypocrisy on line at their social media accounts. He joins me at 7:05 to discuss.  And it's inspired me to perhaps encourage some innocent mischief.  Innocent, of course.

NOW THIS IS EMBARRASSING. I am no fan of the President, but this is really uncomfortable to watch.  I feel sorry for the dude. 

THIS IS SILLY AND FUNNY And completely not important but entertaining in a goofy, how-can-you-not-love-Kevin-Bacon sort of way.  

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR DOCTOR'S OFFICE DID THIS TO YOU? A woman in Michigan took her 17 year old daughter to the doctor and found a note explaining how the doctor is going to have a conversation without the parent present with the 17 year old child.  I'm not sure why this is surprising considering politicians love to give children the right to have an abortion without parental permission.  What would you do?

WE KNOW WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT THE SEX LIVES OF COPS Yet another story of cops, sex and trouble.  This time it's a couple of couples who allegedly couldn't agree to the rules for swinging so they came out swinging.  And of course now there are questions about how the responding officers handled their fellow officers.  What the heck is in the water in these law enforcement agencies?  

SEE? SIZE DOES MATTER This is totally inappropriate, but how often do we get to talk about a boy put in jail because of his large genitals?  Seriously.  Thanks, Russia!  

WE'RE FAB-ULOUS!!!!  Denver loves the gays.  At least according to a survey by NerdWallet.  We came in at #12, higher than either NYC or LA.  The funny thing is, I think Denver is friendly to EVERYONE.  That's one of the reasons I like it.  

CAN YOUNG CONSERVATIVES CHANGE THE GOP ON GAY MARRIAGE? This is really interesting to me.  First, that there are young conservatives who are making a move on gay marriage.  Second, I think they might be able to pull it off with this plan.  Even with the perpetually annoying Meghan McCain as part of the movement, this could not only serve as a shift in the party overall to a younger point of view.  I'm not all about the youth vote, but the GOP could stand to knock some of the dust off it's crusty image.  

RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN!  Remember our friends Boko Harom?  The ones who kidnapped almost 300 girls?  Well they just slaughtered 200 people in a few villages.  That's all. Just another mass murder in the name of Allah.  

THE PRISONER SWAP = MORE KIDNAPPINGS? Time magazine says a source they have in the Taliban says that they are now going to actively try to kidnap more high value targets.  We've set the price, and they are going to exploit it.  I sure hope they don't kidnap anyone the White House actually cares about.