AND THE CROWDED FIELD GETS MORE CROWDED As much as everyone seemed to want to bail as soon as Rep. Cory Gardner entered the US Senate race, there seems to be no such move as the Gubernatorial race gets one more participant.  Bob Beauprez is in, likely a frontrunner and it remains to be seen if this brings Gessler back into the debate fold if Beauprez participates.  But for political junkies, this is manna from heaven.

 27 MONTHS.  NOT LONG ENOUGH. I am huge fan of the 2nd Amendment.  Therefore I believe people who act irresponsibly with firearms should be punished.  Likewise, if someone provides a gun to a known felon who is completely dodgy to boot, they should be punished for the crimes committed with that gun.  27 months doesn't do it.

 THESE ARE THE ONLY TWO? Proving why I don't use Yelp, there are only two restaurants from Denver on the Yelp Top 100 Places to Eat list.  And one of them is a hot dog cart.  For reals.

 A LIE OF OMISSION IS NO LESS A LIE And this is totally a lie of omission.  When the Director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigations cherry picks numbers with no context to support gun control it both undermines the faith of the public in that Bureau and clearly tells me the legislation is wrong.  If the Director of the CBI was given the numbers without context and he didn't ask for any, he is not qualified to lead.  This is really bad for gun grabbers, but because they believe any ends justify the means, it won't stop them.  

SCREENING OUT SLEEP PROBLEMS I just learned this from working with Grossman Wellness and it has been very helpful for me.  If your kid isn't sleeping well, maybe have them leave all the screens in the kitchen for the night.  Contrary to what they might say, I'm fairly certain they won't actually DIE without them. 

WHAT CREDIBILITY DO WE HAVE LEFT? I was reading this article about Benjamin Netanyahu's blunt statements to President Obama yesterday, and something struck me.  PrezBO is asking Israel, whose complete destruction is right at the top of a certain cray cray Mid East country's list of stuff to do, to TRUST the Iranians because...Obama!  So I started to think about how well we've done negotiating with countries who want nukes in the past.  This goes well beyond Obama's incompetence, we have a stunning track record of writing big checks and supporting other nations because they PINKY SWEARED they wouldn't develop nukes and then they did.   Why in the world should Israel trust us?  

JUST FOR FUN, LET'S REVIEW HOW WE DID WITH NORTH KOREA Lest people think I am picking on Obama alone about his ineptitude with Israel, let's go back in time to when we were going to insure North Korea didn't get a nuke.  That's the same nuke they have now, fyi.  Read the entire timeline here and then tell me why Israel should believe us.

LIKE OMG, THIS GIRL SUCKS But her parents are doing the right thing, even if they are doing it ham-handedly.  Her friends PARENTS are dead wrong here.  This is what happens if you raise a brat.  

WHY SHOULD WE OPT OUT OF COMMON CORE? This is a great op ed that is simple and easy to understand.  And note the "response" simply repeats the same nonsense that has been disproved by the testimony of those who sat on the standards committees.  Read this and begin to get it.

JUST PUT MICHELLE OBAMA ON IT This is an very depressing column on mega trends facing the country and our current political parties inability to manage it.  One sort of throw away comment is about declining marriage rates and the fact the author asserts that there is nothing government can do about it.  Yes, there is, but it's wildly unpopular and can't happen as long as government dependence is the goal of many in charge.  

WHY DO SOLDIERS COMMIT SUICIDE? It's not entirely what you think.  Because those who serve at home commit suicide at nearly as high a rate as those in combat.  This is troubling, but maybe offers some hope.