FLOOD INSURANCE IS A RACKET And one we can't avoid.  For all the kicking and screaming about government forcing people to buy health insurance, there has been little attention paid to the governments manipulation of who has to pay for flood insurance.  What do I mean?  It's all in the maps.  The maps which are created by FEMA, who also happens to oversee the National Flood Insurance Program, which happens to be broke and wildly in debt right now to the tune of 24 billion dollars.  But because politicians are involved, we can't just use actuaries to figure this stuff out, like insurance companies do.  So instead, I have a theory that FEMA has been ordered to make more people "eligible" for the program so they can rake in more money from people who will never make a claim.  Of course this is only a theory of mine, but it certainly makes sense, doesn't it? 

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME? What the hell is Gaper Day and why is Breck freaking out about it

BEATEN BY THE GOLDEN GIRLS I realize it's not nice to engage in schadenfreude but how can I not when it comes to MSNBC?  Ronan Farrow, the latest savior of the network, is getting beat in the ratings by The Golden Girls, which has seen the death of three of it's stars since it last aired in the 90's.

THIS IS HARSH But I defy any liberal to argue that it is wrong.  Except those liberals with group plans that haven't been hit with their premium increases just yet.  But if you wonder why more people than ever have an issue with PrezBO (and no, it's not racism) this column pretty much gives a litany of reasons.  

ETHICS REFORMS FOR THE MODERN ERA There is a guy running for Congress in Louisiana that has some pretty damn good ideas about reforming Congress.  Too bad no one else in Congress would go for it.  

DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE MONEY TO SEE NOAH?  Then read this very entertaining column by Matt Walsh.  It tells you everything you need to know.

THE BEER INDUSTRY IS BECOMING A POSTER CHILD FOR THE TEA PARTY Yesterday I had an article about the craft beer industry here in Colorado lobbying for tax breaks in the name of job creation.  Today, there's a story about the FDA perhaps forcing brewers to send used grains from brewing to the landfill instead of letting the grain be used for livestock feed.  They've been feeding livestock this way for YEARS now, as the used grain is a high protein feed for cows.  Maybe it IS time for a Beer Party.

 QUICK, NAME THE WORLD'S THIRD LARGEST ECONOMY! Guess, c'mon.  You will initially be surprised, then horrified, but you need to know this.  Click here if you can't wait for the answer.  

PAGING BOB THE OBAMACARE LOVER You may have not had the pleasure of hearing Bob, who likes to call and tell me I'm wrong about Obamacare because it's AWESOME!  Well, Bob, bad news.  Three quarters of people signing up for Obamacare saw their rates go UP under the new awesome system.  That's UP, as in it costs MORE.