WOULD YOU BET ON HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD DIE? The Sturgis rally draws hundreds of thousands of bikers for a huge party.  One family with a cabin in Black Hills has a death pool about how many bikers will die each year.  Morbid?  Yes.  However, unfortunately "Zero" never wins.  Is this too morbid or just people figuring out a way to deal with the knowledge that people are going to die that weekend?  I can't decide, but I can't say I wouldn't participate.  

SUE EREBODY!  That's the rallying cry in the little, itty, bitty town of Montezuma.  Just outside the Keystone ski area, Montezuma has become a hot bed of voter fraud and now all 61 registered voters are being sued to prove they actually live there.  In question is an April Fools' Day election for Mayor where 12 candidates were competing for the job.  Some allege that not only did some voters vote illegally because they didn't actually LIVE there, but some CANDIDATES don't live there either.  I will be following this story closely to see if Jon Caldara cast a ballot. 

THEY CAN'T BE SERIOUS....CAN THEY? There has long been a fear school of thought that there would be a push to make Obama King for Life by repealing the 22nd Amendment.  And here come the learned discussions about how that pesky term limit actually HURTS the American people by making the President unaccountable to the voters.  The solution?  Repealing it, of course.  I suggest we go to a yearly referendum on the job being done by the President instead.  That would keep him accountable.  

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG LOSES AGAIN. This time in Milwaukee, where Bloomberg dumped $150,000 behind an anti-gun candidate for sheriff.  His guy lost. Neenerneener! 

ARE YOU READY TO CELEBRATE AN IMPORTANT ANNIVERSARY? Only my economic nerd friend David would note this, but he sent me an email this morning about today's notorious anniversary.  Here is it:

On this date 43 years ago, the United States embarked on its own demise forever trapping it citizens in a never ending cycle of rising prices, cyclical collapses, and mountains of unsustainable debt.

 August 14, 1971 was the United States defaulting on all of its debt with a simple proclamation of "Uhhhh remember that gold standard of $35 USD for an ounce of gold.....yeah well screw you guys."

 Hyper inflation of the 1970's, the beginning of runaway debt in the 1980's, stupid monetary policy inflating every bubble known to man in the 1990's, doubling down in the 2000's, and now in teens running out of parlor tricks, losing reserve status around the globe, all the while telling the citizens.  "No, No everything is just the same back to work those of you who still have jobs...."

So celebrate, it is only 43 short years and we are still here standing on piles of worthless pieces of paper.  Burn a dollar or two in order to show your solidarity with your own financial destruction

Yeah, fiat money!  Just thought you'd want to note when your economic downfall really began. 

YESTERDAY SOMEONE INVOKED THE KOCH BROTHERS So I thought it might be fun to see where the big, dark money really is.  Spoiler alert: it's not with Republicans.


THIS IS UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS A news crew was sent out to do a story on the new app Sketchy, which purports to show people high crime areas in various cities.  It's been decried as racist, of course.  But the news crew doing the story found out just how accurate the app is when they were robbed.  Yup. 

IS "CHALKING" NOW A THING? I believe it might be as 6th Congressional Candidate Andrew Romanoff brought a group of young immigrants who want Rep. Mike Coffman to support the DREAM Act or something to Coffman's office. After encouraging them to write on the sidewalk with chalk, Mr. Romanoff then high-tailed it out of the parking lot when the building manager demanded the kids clean it up.  Well played, man who wants to be in Congress, well played.

IS THIS GOOD OR BAD? Children do better with two parents, that's pretty well documented.  But do those parents need to be married or just be living together?  More unmarried women having babies are doing so while living with their baby daddies, and a majority of those births were planned.  What does this mean for the future of marriage and why don't they just GET married before they have a baby?  The best news in this story?  Teen births are dropping.