WE MAY HAVE SOME ISSUES WITH SOME POLICE FORCES But at least we live in a country inhabited by people who don't behead journalists, videotape it and release it like it's the greatest thing ever.  That is who ISIS is.  There is an old adage that when people show you who they are, pay attention.  ISIS has clearly shown us who they are.  What I don't get is how NO one in the world seems to be interested in creating a coalition of nations and peoples against this kind of barbarism.  This is where our eroded position in the world matters a great deal.  No one should be willing to accept and not fight back against the kind of atrocities being committed by ISIS on a DAILY basis.  Or Boko Harom.  Or any of the other Muslim barbarians around the world striving for our submission.  It's us against them.  And we better hope and pray our team gets it together before they take over.  

BACK TO OUR PROBLEMS AT HOME Well before I got here there was a case of police brutality against a young man named Michael DeHerrera here in Denver.  A videotape showed a DPD officer, who has since been fired, tackling a young man talking on his phone.  At the time, Mayor Hickenlooper promised action, a federal investigation, etc.  Now Governor Hickenlooper is taking the easy way out, saying it's not appropriate for him to get involved in a city matter.  So what happened with the big investigation?  Nothing.  And the officer who was fired is appealing his firing.

AND BACK TO FERGUSON The Governor of Missouri believes in mob justice.  At least he doesn't seem to be willing to wait for ANY investigation to be complete before calling for the prosecution of the officer involved in the death of Michael Brown. Check this out:

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon drew criticism from his own Lt. Governor Tuesday when he said "a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued" in the shooting death of black 18-year-old Michael Brown by white police Officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

Nice, huh?  

TRANSPARENCY BAD Or so says the Colorado Supreme Court.  State Treasurer Walker Stapleton lost his lawsuit, as a member of the PERA board, to find out who makes up the top 20% of PERA recipients in the state.  This is a slap in the face to every tax payer, and I can't wait to see who will step up and have the stones to propose legislation to force transparency on PERA.  We can discuss why that's good for not only taxpayers, but retirees as well.

OUR ECONOMY ROCKS!  This is what happens when you control government spending and taxes.  Way to go, TABOR! 

THIS IS WHAT GIVES LAWYERS A BAD NAME The ADA was heralded as a way to help people living with disabilities have equal access to public spaces.  But it has been so widely abused I hate it.  This is a perfect example.  Why not contact RTD with concerns before suing?  Oh yes, there would be no attorneys fees then.

JUST WATCH THIS This is why little league is so great. 

DEAR MARK UDALL, PAY FOR YOUR OWN FINANCIAL ADVISER This is odd.  Why would the very rich Mark Udall need to use taxpayer dollars to pay a financial adviser who specializes in working with the very rich family money types?  This is interesting for a variety of reasons.  I sure hope the Gardner campaign is paying attention.  I'm sure the "little guys" who support Mark Udall may want to know he's using their hard earned money to keep his. 

RICK PERRY, FTW A politicians mugshot is going to be bandied about.  And what he does after submitting for arrest is going to be bandied about.  Rick Perry handled his like a boss, getting the mugshot and then tweeting out about going for ice cream.  I actually like him more now.  Not enough to want him to be POTUS, mind you, but more. 

BOSSY HUSBANDS, BEWARE In the UK there is a move afoot to criminalize bossy and bullying husbands.  Though I get the INTENT, bullying can be very subjective.  This a very dangerous slippery slope, especially because there doesn't seem to be an equal focus on bullying WIVES.  And we all know women who scare the crap out of their husbands too.