I HOPE YOUR LINE OF WORK DOESN'T OFFEND ANYONE IN BOULDER  Ever since midget wrestling caused a huge kerfuffle, it's gotten harder and harder for people who may have been born with an "oddity" to make a living.  The days of the Freak Show are over, and the Boulder County Commission wants you to remember that.  They shut down a sideshow at the Boulder County Fair .  What was so offensive?  Little Liz is a tiny woman.  And that's bad.  At least according to one crabapple who took it upon his or her self to CALL THE COUNTY COMMISSION'S OFFICE BECAUSE OF HER. Think about that for one second.  Someone who saw an exhibit of a little person took it up on themselves to call and complain that a grown woman is setting herself up (for money, I might add) to be gawked at.  How does anyone live in Boulder?  

ALSO FROM THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC A tenured CU professor is going to be fired.  Why?  Because he decided to "investigate" a student who accused a graduate assistant of sexual assault.  This is definitely a he said-she said, and no charges were filed against the grad student.  But this professor decided to get involved when he shouldn't have an now he's being fired.  I think this is about everything but his meddling, but it could indicate how screwed up the philosophy department really is.  We shall discuss. 

 YOU'VE GOT TO HAND IT TO THE GAMBLING CROWD   They sure know how to use "the chhhhhiiiiiillllllllldddddrrrreeeennnn" to push for expanded gaming.  Don't fall for this nonsense about expanded gaming being a windfall for education, as any money that flows into education will inevitably replace general revenue funds after the legislature figures out they can short education and not really lose anything.  If you want to expand gaming, fine, but let's not act like it's a big altruistic thingy.  It's just not.

SPEAKING OF THE CHIIIIILLLLLDDDDRRREEEEENNN What happens to teen pot use when you legalize the drug?  According to the most recent survey, it goes down.  

GREAT EDITORIAL ON THE GOVERNOR'S (LACK OF) LEADERSHIP  Although anyone who has paid any attention knows "leadership" is not Hickenlooper's strong suit. 

WANT TO KNOW HOW THE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM IS BROKEN?   This story is a prime example.  A man was kept out of the United States because he admitted he smoked a joint in Denver once.  At least this one has a happy ending. 

SELFIES KILLThe more you know.

THIS IS RIDICULOUS  ESPN must be trying to bring down their liability insurance rates or something.  They've now suspended a third host.  Why did Max Kellerman get benched for a few days?  Because he admitted that one night at a party over 20 years ago he and his then-girlfriend-now-wife-20-years were at a party and she slapped him and he slapped her back.  Over 20 years ago.  This is insane.  

HE CAN'T BLAME BUSH...SO HOW ABOUT THE IRAQIS?  When asked if he had any regrets about leaving the Iraqis hanging and ripe for this current ISIS takeover, Obama once again shucked and jived and blamed someone else.  He is an embarrassment.  

DEAR BLOOMIE, I THINK YOU'RE DREAMY.  LOVE, HICK For a guy who loves to portray himself as an independent thinker, Governor Hickenlooper has a way with the perfect Kinsley gaffe.  A Kinsley gaffe, by definition, is when a politician accidentally tells the truth on something he or she would have preferred not to.  Hick hearts Bloomberg.  And when Bloomberg was being given guff, Hick wrote a "long, fawning letter" to make him feel better.  Isn't that sweet?