REMEMBER WHEN BUTTER WAS BAD?  Good news, dairy is BACK!  Butter used to be the devil, but now it's not!  Remember how facts change every 46 years?  New studies now debunk the notion that saturated fat gives you heart disease.  Now this doesn't mean that you should go on an all-butter diet, but if you've given up the good stuff for the fake stuff, you now have permission to go back to the buttery deliciousness of real butter.  MMMM, butter.  

I FOUND THIS FOR THE LADY WHO MADE MINIMUM WAGE And I think it may be appropriate for many people who make minimum wage.  Enjoy.

 I GUESS WE KNOW WHAT THE "D" STANDS FOR NOW (Yes I know that's probably the 100th time I've made that joke in 18 hours but it never gets old.)  I don't know if someone is going to lose his or her job over the unfortunate mistake made on the air at Fox 31 KDVR, but OMG it's hilarious.  (I want it to be clear that I do not think it is hilarious that someone may or may not lose his or her job, but that they showed a peepee pic during the morning show...THAT is hilarious)(unless of course you were watching with your 5 year old daughter) What I want to know is how many of you clicked through to the deadspin site to see the entire video in all it's glory?  Guilty. 

BUT HISPANICS LOVE OBAMACARE BECAUSE...OBAMA! Uh, except when they don't.  There are some interesting findings in the latest Public Policy Polling numbers.  Pull up a chair, let's dig in!  Warning: this is a pdf link.
BUT OTHER PEOPLE LOVE IT, RIGHT? Except noooo, they don't.  Check out this super awesome quote from John Hickenlooper that will be seized on by Republicans everywhere:
“As a campaign thing, when I walk into a room and say how many people hate the ACA, half of the hands or two-thirds of the hands in the room go up,” he said.
IF I were running a campaign this year, I'd send out mailers with this quote from Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper.  No matter where I were running.  
IF YOU EVER THOUGHT OBAMA WASN'T REALLY AN AMERICAN This story proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The man hates desserts.  So much so the White House pastry chef quit because of the demonization of butter, cream and sugar. Now THAT is a principled man!  
DON'T AGREE WITH GLOBAL WARMING?  GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL A professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology has decided that global warming is SO important that anyone who disagrees with his views should be jailed.  For criminal negligence.  Yep, welcome to America, comrade!  
FOR THE LOVE OF SANITY, DON'T DO IT, COLO SPRINGS! So I've been trying to get up to speed on this City of Champions thing being floated by the Colorado Springs City Council.  And here's what I see.  There are big promises being made about how this whole thing will be done "without" tax dollars because of the special taxing district.  Please direct your attention the performance of taxing districts around the country before you take any rosy projections to hear.  I will share the Louisville story with you as well.  It's not pretty.  
FINALLY A PRESIDENT MORE EMBARRASSING THAN OURS El Presidente Santos of Colombia took the stage to make a rousing speech.  He should have visited the potty first. 
WELL THIS STINKS.  NOT REALLY. Sacramento has a stinky problem, and it's cab drivers.  New regulations are being considered that would require cab drivers to essentially wear a sort of uniform and to...wait for it...bathe on a regular basis.  This is a problem when you consider where some of these folks come from and their lack of concern about body odor.  We are kind of sensitive about body stink.