DENVER HEARTS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN! Denver has applied for federal money to house illegal immigrant minors.  I heard a story this morning that said the "kids" would be housed for 30 days before being placed with families.  Not for nothing, where and who are all these families?  I've worked around the foster care system enough to know there is a severe shortage of foster families for the kids who are native born already.  Is there a surplus here I don't know about?  And exactly how old are these "children"?  From the reports I've seen, a vast majority of the young people flowing over the border are teenage boys.  Try to place a teenage boy in foster care and tell me we have extra families.  

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, PART 1 Jared Polis caught holy hell last night at a town hall meeting.  The fracktivists were all kinds of peeved that Polis "sold them out".  To Polis' credit, he stood right up in the face of all kinds of vitriol.  That being said, he is the one who laid the groundwork to support this kind of discontent, and now he gets to reap the rewards of that discontent.  So goes politics.  I still think it's kind of funny though. 

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, PART 2 On a national scale, we have another example of sowing the seeds of discontent.  The latest polling data from the WSJ/NBC News poll shows that people are not happy with the direction of the country.  Only 21% of Americans think their children will have it better than they have it.  With the economy on the upswing, why is this?  Because people don't feel it yet.  Because it isn't real.  Take out QE and is the market really rebounding?  Incomes are still down from when Obama took office, gas is up, food is up and people think both parties suck.  Hardly the good times.  

KID STUPIDITY CAN KILL THEM....I KNOW Last week the big story was kids dying playing the "fire challenge" and this week it's the resurgence of the stupidest thing ever the "choking game".  Today I will share the story of my friend Jim McCoy.  He died when he was 14 years old because of the choking "game", along with 2 other kids.  Talk to your kids about this stuff before it's too late.  

SO WHY ARE WE BANNING THEM AGAIN? Busybodies in places like Fort Collins have been rushing to ban E-cigs because....well, I'm not sure why.  But now there is evidence e-cigs may actually CUT cancer deaths from smoking.  So why are banning them again?  Because the busybodies know best, right?

TIME TO CHANGE ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS Don't wait to be a victim, just do it today.  May I suggest Password?  

YOUR OBAMACARE INSURANCE SUCKS And now doctor's are refusing to see any new patients with Obamacare.  Why?  Because the reimbursements are the same as Medicare, which is too low for doctors to make enough money to keep the lights on with.  This, in my mind, proves what I've been saying since 2008 (and I'm hardly the only one) that Medicare creates a cost shifting that distorts the market for the rest of us.  Being right all the time is such a burden.  And what, exactly, do you think single payer would do?  

THANKS FOR COMING, YOU CAN GO NOW The latest polling data shows a slim majority of Americans want the young illegals pouring across the border to be sent home immediately.  As in now.  What I find very interesting is that 33% of Democrats agree with that sentiment.  So if Obama busts a move on immigration amnesty it can cause yet ANOTHER rift in the Democrat party.  For a guy who was going to bring everyone together, he's doing an awesome job tearing his own party apart.