LEGALIZE THEM!  I'm sure I'll be accused of racism (yawn) by reporting the story of a habitually offending illegal alien who never held a Colorado driver's license who just ran a red light drunk and killed a 17 year old young man.  Luckily I don't give a crap.  Read the details here and wonder like I do how he wasn't kicked out of our great nation after one of the many arrests he's already been through.

TO REVIEW, OR NOT TO REVIEW, THAT IS THE QUESTION  Online reviews can be very helpful if you are trying to find out about a business.  But one New York watch repair service thought it was treated badly on Yelp, so they sued the guy who posted it for libel.  Is this going to be a thing now?  Is there a better way for this business to respond?  

THE GOVERNMENT: SOLVING PROBLEMS THE GOVERNMENT CREATED If you were super sick and dying and there was a drug that MIGHT help you, would you take it?  Of course you would, but you'd be a lawbreaker.  But rushing to the aid of such patients is the government, who is changing the rules the government created.  Such is life in Merica!

WITHOUT THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT US???? Denver is thinking of making a bold step by allowing people to sell home grown eggs, produce and honey from their front yards.  I can't believe they would put the public in such danger!  People will surely die!  This must be stopped!  Of course I am being sarcastic.  Where I'm from this is done on a daily basis and we manage not to kill each other.  

THINKING WITH THEIR VAJAYJAYS There, I said it.  In arguments yesterday before the Supreme Court on the Hobby Lobby case, Justices Kagan and Sotomayor seem to have refused to consider the Constitutional merits of forcing someone to violate their religious beliefs to provide birth control for employees.  Instead, they suggested that Hobby Lobby STOP paying for the health insurance of their employees, kick them into the exchange and pay the penalty.  Quite the solution, don't you think?  These two are thinking with their lady parts instead of their brains.  This plays into every stereotype of irrational women I can think of.  

SO CAN WE CHANGE THE NARRATIVE ABOUT VOTER ID NOW? A judge ruled last week that asking someone to prove citizenship before voting is not an undue burden.  Now a Rasmussen poll shows a VAST majority of voters believe the same thing.  Can a voter ID be far behind?  Can we change the questions asked candidates to, "why don't you believe, as 78% of American voters, that a person should have to prove citizenship before registering to vote?"  Of course it won't happen.

FEELING BLUE?  YOU'RE NOT ALONE This is an interesting column about the rise of depression and treatment for depression in the world.  I really find the reasoning for higher rates of depression and suicide to be sort of reflexive and not very thoughtful, but hey, it might be interesting to chat about.

WELL THIS ISN'T VERY NEIGHBORLY Regardless of what you may think about the Crimean referendum's legitimacy, this isn't a very friendly move by Russia.  They took a bunch of Ukrainian war ships.  Just took them.  I believe when asked about the ships, Putin responded, "Finders keepers."

BUT YOU CAN KEEP CRIMEA The West, including the US, has given up Crimea to the Russians.  By telling Russia that there would be no further sanctions as long as Russia didn't try any more funny business in Ukraine, we've ceded Crimea even if we say we don't recognize the referendum.  Boy, we sure know how to punish bad actors, don't we? 

GEEZ SHE EVEN DIVORCES PRETENTIOUSLY I am not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, as I find her to be off the charts pretentious.  And even in divorce, she remains pretentious.  I'm sorry, did I say divorce?  I meant "conscious uncoupling".  See what I mean? 

THEY SAVED MICKEY.  YAY? I've been following this story of this stupid dog who attacked and mauled a little boy in Arizona.  Animal rights activists, who don't give a crap about the little boy, argued in court that the dog shouldn't be destroyed.  And won.  So now Mickey, the dog in question, must be defanged, neutered and kept in a "facility" for the rest of his life.  I'm not sure this is a win for Mickey. 

YOU KNOW THOSE PICTURE ON FACEBOOK OF PEOPLE LOOKING FOR LONG LOST FAMILY?  I always think they won't work.  And yet for one woman, it did. She found her Mom by posting a picture on Facebook.  It's a very heartwarming story.