WELL THE MOM'S BILL AT LEAST But hey, if I can "Stokols" the headline why not? (More on that in a moment)  Today the Mom's Bill is going to be heard in committee, where it expected to die at the hands of Democrats.  The Mom's Bill, put forth by a group of Mom's not convinced that Common Core and it's accompanying PARCC tests is all that.  So they asked the legislature to simply delay the testing a year to allow an analysis of it's cost, as well as an analysis by educators of the standards in Common Core.  Read this article, done by a mom in Oregon, that digs into the connections between support for Common Core and some kind of payday from the Gates Foundation.  Maybe it's not causation, but it's definitely correlation and should be exposed before any more decisions about Common Core are made. Check this contact info:

Call Senate Ed Committee -- AND ASK WHERE THEY STAND ON SB136.
 Even if you have contacted them before, it is SO important to contact these people TODAY.  We have word that folks in higher places are planning on killing our bill.Be respectful and tell them that YOU support the moms bill to delay an unproven, expensive PARCC test, find the COST to taxpayers, ensure standards are high, and support students and teachers.
Name Party Office Phone Email Address
Michael Johnston Democrat 303-866-4864 mike.johnston.senate@state.co.us
Andy Kerr Democrat 303-866-4859 akerrhd26@gmail.com
Vicki Marble Republican 303-866-4876 vicki@vickimarble.com
Scott Renfroe Republican 303-866-4451 senatorrenfroe@gmail.com
Mark Scheffel Republican 303-866-4869 mark.scheffel.senate@state.co.us
Nancy Todd Democrat 303-866-3432 senatornancytodd@gmail.com
Rachel Zenzinger Democrat 303-866-4840 senatorrachelz@gmail.com
Contact House Ed Committee
Name District Office Phone Email Address
Millie Hamner, Chair 61 303-866-2952 rephamner@gmail.com
Cherylin Peniston, Vice Chair 35 303-866-2843 peniston.house@state.co.us
John Buckner 40 303-866-2944 john.buckner.house@state.co.us
Lois Court 6 303-866-2967 lois.court.house@state.co.us
Justin Everett 22 303-866-2927 justin.everett.house@state.co.us
Rhonda Fields 42 303-866-3911 rhonda.fields.house@state.co.us
Chris Holbert 44 303-866-2933 chris.holbert.house@state.co.us
Frank McNulty 43 303-866-2936  
Carole Murray 45 303-866-2948 murrayhouse45@gmail.com
Brittany Pettersen 28 303-866-2933 brittany.pettersen.house@state.co.us
Kevin Priola 56 303-866-2912 kpriola@gmail.com
Jim Wilson 60 303-866-2747 james.wilson.house@state.co.us
Dave Young 50 303-866-2929 dave.young.house@state.co.us


THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF BOULDER HATES HOMELESS PEOPLE At least that's how it seems to me.  In an effort to prevent true Boulderites from having to deal with the great unwashed masses, Boulder is conveniently tightening up laws on behavior that, oddly enough, is mostly perpetrated by homeless people.  There so seem to be a crap ton of homeless people in Boulder, but the libs have no one to blame but themselves.   

DON'T LET THE FACTS GET IN THE WAY OF A SENSATIONAL HEADLINE, ELI I have enjoyed a lot of Eli Stokol of KDVR's work.  I think he is a good reporter who generally does a good job.  Here's hoping that this bit of nonsense is a temporary departure for Eli into the world of tabloid journalism.  But this article is steeped in subjective, unsubstantiated guessing and innuendo.  Not a good reflection on Mr. Stokols.  But hey, sweeps are coming, sweeps are coming!  

BUT THEIR SUPPORTERS CAN'T GET RICH OFF WATER This is rich.  The same Democrats who love to tell us "all options are the on the table" when it comes to energy production have decided hydro electric power is a non renewable energy source in the same vein as gas, oil, or coal.  Sure it is.  If this doesn't CLEARLY show you where the priorities are (spoiler alert: helping friends in the green energy field get rich off the backs of taxpayers) then you simply won't ever see it. 

PEOPLE ARE MAD. STILL. CDOT had a meeting last night and people were angry.  This story on KDVR seems to forget that there were a series of public meetings about this for the past ten years.  And as for the tolls that went away on the Boulder turnpike, do you really think that our government NOW is going to give up any stream of money?  EVER?  

WHY SHOULDN'T THEY, IT WORKED LAST TIME The Democrats want the IRS to keep an even hairier eyeball on outside groups who support their opponents.  Because if you can't win the war of ideas because you support policies that are wildly unpopular, use the government to curtail groups who disagree with them.  Obama does it, why not them?

DEMOCRATS ARE SPITEFUL...SO SAYS THIS STUDY Is "fairness" actually rooted in spitefulness?  Seems so according to this study.  

DEMOCRATS HATE BIRACIAL FAMILIES!  Oh wait, only if they are conservative Supreme Court judges who are married to white women.  What am I talking about?  This