TWO STORIES ABOUT DEPORTATIONS THAT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY I read this first story about how the Obama Administration has released violent and dangerous illegal immigrants back onto our streets.  That pissed me off enough.  But then I read the story about veterans who were also deported after committing a crime.  Not necessarily a violent crime, mind you, but a crime.  Why the double standard?  Draw your own conclusions, but I'll share mine with you today. 

SHOULD GOVERNMENT WORKERS HAVE THE SAME STANDARD FOR RETIREMENT AS THE PRIVATE SECTOR?  That's the question asked by a recent poll by the Independence Institute.  The answer in my mind is definitively yes.  What I would love to know is the logic behind those who answered no.  The good news is, the retirement system here doesn't appear to be half the mess that the retirement system in Kentucky is.  So there's that. 

FORT COLLINS KNOWS BEST ABOUT GROCERY BAGS They are the latest community to try to force consumers into a new pattern of behavior they approve of by issuing a punitive tax that will collected by the grocery stores.  Ten cents a bag, that's what they'll pay me.  That's what the city council appears to be singing anyway.  

I HAVE A FOLLOW UP QUESTION What defines a "spill"?  Are we talking about a leaky truck full of fracking fluid, which is overwhelming water and sand?  Are we talking about natural gas escaping into the air?  I can't panic until I know what we're really talking about.  I think Fox 31 played the useful idiot to a group who wants to stop fracking in Colorado.  If they had looked at the website of the group that produced this scare map, they would have seen it for themselves.  

THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE ROCKS First of all, dames, you need to be going to Wining with Women.  Last night's event with Julie Gunlock was outstanding.  There is a lot of knowledge being distributed for a low, low price.  Second, they came up with a new fun game you can play on Facebook (yes, you will probably have to download the software first) where you are a bird trying to dodge windmills in a windfarm.  It's awesome.  Click here to read all about it and play.

BOULDER DOESN'T WANT HOMELESS PEOPLE At least that seems to be the theme as they figure out ways to shove begging urban outdoorsman out of main areas.  Now they are trying to figure out ways to provide services but not TOO many services that would make them a "homeless magnet".  Why do I find this whole thing funny?  Not ha ha funny, just funny.

THE OLD GRAY LADY DOESN'T WANT TO PAY LADIES EQUAL PAY? The New York Times just fired it's Executive Editor, which doesn't interest me at all.  But a New Yorker story about WHY Jill Abramson got fired just made things more interesting.  I wonder what liberals will do when they find out their Bible seems to have fired Ms. Abramson because she demanded a pay and pension scale that was the same as her predecessor?  Sure, there are reasons for it, but in the Lefty world of demanded equality, none of that matters.  Does it? 

THIS IS JUST FUNNY A reporter asks Hillary supporters about her accomplishments.  Hilarity ensues.  

REMEMBER THOSE LOW LEVELS STAFFERS WHO DID EVERYTHING AT THE IRS? A new set of emails blows that whole line of crap out of the water.  It would seem that there was a coordinated effort straight from DC to specifically target Tea Party groups.  Oddly, there was no mention of the phantom Left Wing groups who were allegedly targeted for the same reasons.  Mostly because they don't exist.  

YOU AND I ARE PAYING FOR A CONFERENCE ON OUR "PRIVILEGE" A taxpayer funded conference on how Whitey is always using our whiteness to hold down the oppressed people of color.  And by the way, the face of white oppression?  Barack Obama.  The cray cray is strong in this group.  Check this video if you have time.  

LEARNING NOTHING FROM THE VERY RECENT PAST Any thinking person understands that the government demanded loosening of mortgage lending standards was a HUGE part of creating the housing crisis of the late 2000s.  So why would we want to do that again?  Ask President Obama, as he wants to loosen them again.  Seriously.  

WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  This time we're going to die from plastic beads from our toothpaste!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  It's getting into a water!  We're all gonna die!  

IF UNIONS ARE SO AWESOME, WHY DO THE FORCE PEOPLE TO JOIN? Remember when Michigan went "right to work"?  The unions fought it and lost and now it's becoming VERY clear why they fought it.  A year later, how are the unions doing?  Not good.  Not good at all.  Which is weird because unions are awesome!  Right?