SO, HAVE WE GONE TO POT? Three full months into legalization, let's look at what legal pot has done so far.  It's not all bad, but I think they left some stuff out. 

GEORGE SOROS USING JOHN KERRY TO MAKE MORE MONEY? For all the kicking and screaming about the Koch Brothers, no one is more nakedly buying influence than hard core lefty George Soros.  Evidence? Secretary of State John Kerry is introducing the billionaire hedge fund manager at this:

 George C. Marshall Center, the Germany-based security and defense studies institute jointly operated by the U.S. Department of Defense and German Defense Ministry.

Because I'm sure he is just giving them some advice on how to invest and stuff.  Critics say, with the above evidence and more, that Soros is using the US Government to increase his return on investments in this sector.  But the Koch Brothers are evil.  The GOP needs to go at Soros the same way the Dems are going at the Koch Brothers, because he is WAY worse.  

THIS DRUG KILLS 3.3 MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR...IT MUST BE STOPPED! The World Health Organization is going after alcohol, which they maintain kills LOTS of people every year.  Their solution?  Government should do more to protect it's citizens from the dangers of alcohol.  1919 called, they want their amendment back.

SO IS "REQUIRED" MORE FLEXIBLE THAN I THOUGHT? Higher education is turning into a complete racket.  And college athletics, though I enjoy them so, are too.  And now CU-Boulder is doing a bunch of fancy upgrades to the athletics department even though they fell short of the fundraising number that was "required" for it to happen?  Huh?  And don't dare ask how MUCH of the money they've raised or you'll have to suffer through a nonsponse* like this one:

"What I would say is everybody is fixated on a number that was thrown out when I was hired, one-third of the project, and while that number is important to go forward, basically with the sequence of the build the funding is right on par with the sequence of the build as we're building this facility," 

Yes, that's what the Athletic Director Rich George said.  I'm assuming there were not follow up questions, like, "what happens if you DON'T raise the money" were allowed.  

I'M NOT A SUPER NERD But this kind of excites me.  Is ComicCon worth going to or is it all long lines and waiting?  Both of which I hate, but I would love to see the Next Gen cast with Shatner.  That would be epic.

I WOULD TOTALLY DO THIS BUT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN There is a move afoot in the Springs to let public employees opt out of Social Security to move the money into market based retirement accounts.  I would do this.  And the federal government can't let it happen because Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and if they let people opt out, they would not have enough money for current retirees.  But it's a nice idea.

HOW MANY CHANCES DO THE NON-EX-SHERIFF'S GET? This story is nuts, not just because a former sheriff arrested for felony meth possession and trying to solicit sex for drugs, but because of how many times he's violated his probation.  How many chances does he get?  Is this the same number of chances your run-of-the-mill meth head gets on his or her probation?  Another question, has he tried to get help?  Doesn't he know meth will kill an old man like him? 

THIS IS SUPER COOL.  I WANT THIS NOW. Wouldn't it be nice to be at the grocery store after work, trying to remember if you have milk, and being able to call up a camera INSIDE your fridge to see what's in there?  The South Koreans are upping the technology-appliance marriage to dizzying heights. Now if they could just create a fridge that can smell the milk to see if it's bad.

HE SHOULD HAVE STOPPED TALKING.  SOME TIME AGO. Remember what I said about people who are not media savvy doing long press conferences?  The same applies to interviews with Anderson Cooper.  Donald Sterling did NOT help his cause by appearing with Anderson Cooper and rambling on about how Magic Johnson is not a role model.  This is what happens if you're so rich people are afraid to tell you no.  I'm surprised he didn't say that Magic "has The Aids".  Sad, sad old man. 

BUCKLE UP, IT'S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE Yesterday I noted that I am secretly excited about watching a battle in both primaries.  I've been watching the Republican side more closely, of course, as I am more interested in who I hope will be President.  But the DRAMA on the left may be FAR more interesting as some potential candidates seem to be setting themselves up to run.  From Joe Biden taking a shot at Hillary to Elizabeth Warren taking shots at the President's policies (GASP...who knew SHE was a racist!) it's gonna be really, really fun to watch. 

OBAMACARE IS HARDLY OUT OF THE WOODS With the liberal National Journal worrying that many states will see big premium increases in their exchange plans.  At least one of those states is Ohio, which is a big, important state in elections.  Affordable care act, indeed. 

DID YOU HEAR THAT ANTARCTIC SEA ICE REACHED AN ALL TIME RECORD? Yep, Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption has lead us to have MORE sea ice this summer than ever before.  What?  You missed it?  Because it got bumped by this story?  Of course it did.  Because the second story works for the storyline that we're all gonna die if we don't DO something about climate change, er, disruption.  

I'M SURE THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE, SO NO NEED FOR AN AUDIT. The Colorado Health Exchange is so AWESOME that we simply HAD to give the director a raise AND a bonus!  We'll take her word for it, because Democrats killed any chance of an audit to see how she's REALLY doing.  But I'm sure there is nothing to see here.  Please move along.

YES, I AGREE WITH BILL MAHER Don't get all freaked out, but he's right on this issue.  How much property should you have to give up for expressing an unpopular opinion?  And what do you do when you express a popular opinion that becomes unpopular?  Bill Maher is actually right on