DON'T MAIL YOUR BALLOT!  Because it won't count.  You have to drop it off.  Find out where the nearest location for you is by clicking here.

SEXTING IS NOT THE SAME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS An interesting column about sexting and teenagers, even though it has the standard Salon this-is-about-the-patriarchy spin to it.  Guess what girls, those same boys who want you to send naked pictures of yourself via text think you're a whore if you do it.  And this is the way it's been since the beginning of time.  Don't expect it to change anytime soon.  Is this fair?  Nope.  Is this life?  Yep.  Luckily there is a very simple solution for this.  Don't send naked selfies.  

SHOULD GETTING SNIPPED KNOCK TIME OF YOUR SENTENCE? It did for one Virginia man.  Jessie Lee Herald, 27, has knocked up several women several times (6 or 7 kids, he's not sure) and then got into a car accident with his three year old in the car.  In order to shorten his sentence, he's agreed to get a vasectomy, on his own dime, when he gets out.  I find nothing wrong with this, but of course, people are screaming about eugenics.  Which oddly never comes up in a discussion of Planned Parenthood, which is all about eugenics.  

PROVING PEOPLE HAVE MORE MONEY THEN SENSE Parents in New York are paying $300 an hour to have some woman plan their kid's summers.  I don't even feel like I need to say more here.  

SO DOES MARK UDALL FIGHT THIS NUMBER TOO? Remember when all those 300 plus thousand people got cancellation notices for their health insurance?  Remember how Mark Udall's office tried to say they didn't?  Well a couple thousand plus more just got cancellations.  Try to spin it, but it's simply impossible.

YES, I WATCHED THE HEARINGS YESTERDAY And the take away is this: The IRS is run by an arrogant ahole.  The Republicans are now officially beating a dead horse just to grandstand.  We need a special prosecutor, stat.  And the argument put forth by MULTIPLE Democrats is that the reason the email crash happened is because the IRS' budget isn't big enough.  I sure hope they run on that issue, it's a WINNER!  

OBAMACARE IS A DISAPPOINTMENT I know I'm stating the obvious, but in this case, I'm talking about a disappointment to the government, who thought 26 million uninsured would be signed up by now.  But alas, some people just don't want insurance, even in the form of Medicaid.  Imagine that.  

RTD NEEDS A RATE OVERHAUL I live in DougCo and I've ridden the train to downtown a couple of times.  The fee structure is so high that I can drive myself downtown, pay for parking and still come out even and have the convenience of not having to wait on a train.  And FYI, there isn't a soul on the train coming out of Lincoln station.  Not a soul.  Perhaps if it wasn't so confusing and ungodly expensive I'd ride it more.  Just a thought.

DOES HE OR DOESN'T HE? Mark Udall is a 2nd Amendment supporter. Except when he thinks the guns are scary.  Then he supports an assault weapons ban.  Or something.  Colorado Peak Politics sorts it out here.

THIS PROVES BILL AND HILLARY WERE NEVER "DEAD BROKE" Chelsea Clinton, who just scored 600k from NBC she doesn't care about money.  You know why?  She's never struggled for it.  She's spoiled by having wealthy parents.  Who are wealthy by any real standard.  But don't think they are.  

OMG I HATE THIS WOMAN Remember the story about the little girl who got kicked out a KFC for disturbing other customers because of her scars from a dog bite?  Her grandmother MADE IT UP.  MADE it the BLEEP up.  And the family has scored about $130,000 in donations since they made it up.  MADE. IT. UP.