THESE KIDS ARE REAL DOPES At least according to the foster care system which puts kids on psychotropic drugs at an alarming rate.  I have a super bad feeling about what is going to happen to these kids when they age out of the system and no longer can afford or get access to their meds.  Is this out of necessity or simply a way to control a kid, who may have serious anger issues for valid reasons, by making them a zombie?  

THE DEMOCRATS LAY DOWN WITH FRACKTIVISTS The Democratic Assembly had an interesting footnote when the remaining delegates voted to add the Colorado Community Rights Amendment to their platform.  That is the amendment which would allow communities to kick out any business they find objectionable out of their communities.  Sure it's directed at oil and gas now, but the way this things is written it can be used to abuse all sorts of businesses.  I fully support this Amendment.  Just so long as the communities in question give up any and all rights to tax dollars generated by the oil and gas industry.  Of course personal rights trump all else.  But you don't get to stand on principle on one leg while racing to the bank to cash a check from the oil industry with the other.  

DUDE. Our pot is super strong.  So say our neighboring states.  We're Number 1!

HOW DO WE GET OUT OF DEBT IN THIS GREAT NATION? I mean this as a serious question, especially after reading a story like this one.  The number of people on food stamps is greater than the number of women working.  For those who don't want to cut spending AT ALL, here's a news flash.  Economic growth can only occur with a robust labor force participation rate.   More people are not working and remaining on some sort of government assistance.  The dearth of people working creates a demand lag, as people on unemployment aren't going to be buying new houses or cars as often as working people.  Which slows down the economy, which means more people work less and go on food stamps and so on, and so on.  Something has got to give.

ANTI-PERSONHOOD IS WHERE DEMOCRATS WANT TO TAKE A STAND? In their zeal to make sure that abortion remains available to anyone who wants it (including children who don't want to tell parents before they have a medical procedure where a child is ripped out of their wombs) they put themselves in the position of saying beyond a shadow of a doubt that a baby isn't a baby in their minds until someone wants it.  And this bill is so stupid because no Legislature in the future is ever bound by something like this.  This is political grandstanding an embarrassment to anyone who has the nerve to believe a baby is a child, not a non-person.  

 CLIVEN BUNDY SHOULDN'T GET TOO COMFORTABLE Senator Harry Reid got a black eye when it was exposed that he has manipulated the precious desert tortoise land area to help his biggest donors.  It's not over.  Dirty Harry is not going to let Cliven Bundy get away with giving the BLM a black eye.  Maybe Cliven Bundy should just tell Harry Reid that he's doing it because he wanted a better life for his family.  It's an "act of love" really when you think about it.

IF YOU THINK THE UN IPCC IS WRITTEN BY SCIENTISTS...I have some swamp land in Florida I want to sell you.  The UN IPCC report is a purely political document, and even the United States is involved with the monkeying around with the final report.  When faced with an initial draft of the report that was a little too clear on just how expensive "fixing" climate change really is, the White House asked for more obfuscation on the facts.  And they got it.  Which is why this "report" is nothing more than state funded propaganda.

IT'S TAX DAY.  YAY.  I love people are irritable on tax day as I am.  Here are 8 superfun things to remember on tax day.  Get some duct tape, because your head will explode.  

IS THERE A DIFFERENT WAY TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE GOVERNMENT? Of course there is, it's called a consumption tax and Cato does a great job explaining why it's time for the income tax to go.

IF YOU'RE NOT READING JONAH GOLDBERG You are missing out.  He is hand's down the best columnist writing today.  Funny and sharp.  Yesterday's column about confirmation bias is top notch as usual.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH Teenagers do really dumb things.  One girl took that to a whole new level on Twitter though.  I'm guessing she wants those 140 characters back now that she's been arrested.

IT TOOK ONE YEAR TO FIRE A TEACHER WHO GOT A 7TH GRADER BEATEN One year is what it took to fire a teacher who called for a "hit" on a 7th grader by older boys.  One year.  This is what's wrong with education.  

FIXIN' TO FIGHT WITH YOUR SPOUSE? Have some candy instead.  Low blood sugar is a real thing and could lead to a knock down drag out fight when a quick snack may help diffuse the entire thing before it gets started in the first place.