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I HAD THESE YESTERDAY But didn't get to them. 

THIS MOM KICKS BUTT A mom tired of her teenagers not answering her calls (been there, done that) created an app for that.  The Ignore No More app shuts down all other programs on the phone until the Mom call is returned.  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I COULD MARRY IT.  Go Mom go!  

THIS MOM THINKS SHE'S A VICTIM I'm all for breastfeeding.  Yay, breastfeeding!  However I am firmly in the camp of DISCREET breastfeeding.  I know it's natural and all that, but I don't want to see a woman's boob while I'm having dinner.  After a food critic wrote an review in which she commented on a breastfeeding woman at an adjoining table, she was attacked for saying she'd prefer the mom draped herself and the baby.  I agree with her.  Why can't we all agree to be a little discreet and move on?  I'm not talking about relegating breastfeeding women into dark corners, but just position your shirt so I don't see nipple, k? 

AND THIS MOTHER IS IGNORANT A Portland, Oregon mother whose daughter was two months premature is making hay after doctor's would not let her breast feed her new baby.  Why?  Because she smokes medical marijuana.  As she did her entire pregnancy.  She says there have been "some studies" which show medical marijuana is not excreted in breast milk. In two seconds I found a crapload of information to the contrary.  This woman is ill-prepared to be a mother and I feel sorry for her kid.  I hope she's right and I'm wrong, but this is the brave new world we live in.  Stupid people exist everywhere. 

STAND UP TO MICHAEL BLOOMBERG His anti-gun group is at it again, this time pressuring the parent company of King Sooper's, Kroger, to get involved in the gun debate.  If you are Sooper's shopper, please take a moment to send a NICE email asking them to not wade into the politics of gun control by simply continuing their stance of deferring to local and state gun laws.  Support them in this stance and let them know you appreciate it!  Click here for the contact page. 

BIRDS ARE BURSTING INTO FLAMES "Clean" energy may be clean, but it's DEADLY.  At least they probably die quickly when the burst into flames.  That's something, right? 

 CRONY CAPITALISM AT IT'S FINEST! You want to get in an uproar about government picking winners and losers and misusing taxpayer dollars, please direct your attention to the Gaylord resort by DIA.  It's a doozy. 

GOVERNMENT CAN'T MANIPULATE THE HOUSING MARKET WELL EITHER Everyone is in a tizzy about home prices in Denver.  Why are they so high?  No one asks THAT question, they just run around and try to figure out ways to artificially lower prices on some properties.  It doesn't work.  This column by Complete Colorado explains nicely why they don't work.  But god forbid they admit THEIR policies might be to blame.  

THE PROGRESSIVE OLIGARCHY DEFINED This is a super interesting article on the ruling class of the Democrat party.  I wish everyone would read this and begin to understand why they must go.  Just as the ruling class of the Republican Party must go.  It's time to take things back to citizen statesmen instead of people who believe they know what's best for us.  

AHEM...I TOLD YOU SO One of the alternative theories to man made global warming is that the sun is warming things up.  I've been talking about these theories for 8 years.  And now a new study is moving things in that direction.  I will eagerly await an apology from all who mocked me.  I'm waiting.  Still waiting.