NO THAT'S NOT AN EXPLETIVE Tonight there will be a debate I hope all of you watch.  At 7:05 I'll speak with Amy Oliver Cooke from the Independence Institute about the event, what you can expect, who the players are and how you can watch.  NERD ALERT!  


ADULTS ARE STILL ALLOWED TO BE ADULTS A bipartisan nanny state move to force legal adults to wait three extra years to engage in yet another legal activity has failed.  People 18 years and older can continue to make a free choice to waste money on smokes.  As it should be.  You know what really gets my goat about this?  If people are not smart enough to make a decision for themselves about alcohol or pot, why are they allowed to make a decision for me by voting?  If they are smart enough for one at 18 then all should apply equally.  If they aren't, then restrictions should be in place for all.  

THE NEW FACE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION I have a feeling we will be seeing more people "come out of the shadows" in the next few years.  And this group of people will be different than the fence-jumping migrant workers, these will be successful, educated, business owning members of their respective communities.  In Boulder, one such man has decided to come forward publicly and is now serving on the Human Relations Commission for the city.  This is why this issue is murky for me.  We shall discuss. 

PARENTS V. PARENTS RE: VACCINES Vaccinations are a hot topic.  I struggled mightily with whether or not I was going to vaccinate Q because I know more than one family who is dealing with autism and both cases have SUPER strong anecdotal evidence that vaccines were to blame.  In the long run we found a doctor that was willing to address our concerns and we chose to vaccinate for the fatal, highly contagious diseases over an extended schedule. But some parents want to choose differently, and now a bill may make that choice more complicated.  

THANK GOODNESS FOR THE ACLU!  Because without them, you might not have the joy of being approached by an urban outdoorsman as you're using the ATM!  They are suing to overturn panhandling restrictions in Fort Collins, restrictions designed to reduce aggressive panhandling and limiting the areas where panhandling is allowed.

THIS DUDE HAS A POINT Independent voters make a third of this state but they aren't allowed to participate in the primaries.  His idea is to let Independents vote in the primary by getting a ballot from one party or the other. But I'll take the Top Two model and add one caveat. Have a primary where every name from both parties is on the ballot, but there is NO party affiliation given.  Then let the top two candidates go to general election and the winner takes all.  

IS THERE A LIMIT? Occupy Denver, after helping change the world by camping and chanting and stuff, is using the new liberal attack strategy: stalk people at their homes.  This little strategy happened ALL the time in Louisville and I think it's a real scumbag move.  Unless you are living in a home provided by the taxpayers as part of your elected office, I think someone's home should be off limits.  But when "by any means necessary" is your mentality, you probably wouldn't care if someone use the info your put out to harm this woman or her family.  Scumbags.  

WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR FRIEND IN NEED? This video made me cry the first time I watched it.  But then I started asking myself, would I do that?  I have a really weird shaped head, I fear.  What would you do? Watch the video for yourself.  

NO WONDER THEY ARE SUING OVER TABOR The pot tax money is flowing and that has created a problem: politicians might have to give the money back to taxpayers.  You do realize this is like handing a toddler an ice cream cone and then asking them to give it back to you, right?  No wonder Democrats are suing to overturn TABOR.  

PROMISES, PROMISES, PROMISES This is a super nifty compilation of the promises lies made by President Barack Obama and other Democrats since 2008 about healthcare.  It's kind of fun! 


SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, MCCASKILL? Some Democrats do get it, even if they don't seem to be inclined to do much about it.  In what surely must have been an accidental moment of libertarian thinking, Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill said that the debt is "irresponsible" and could lead to the United States falling into 2nd Tier nation level.  She's right.  So what is she going to do about it?  

CHRISTIANS NEED NOT APPLY Well, you can apply, but if you are working under a union contract to teach in this Michigan municipality, being a Christian may work against you.  That's because in this contract, if two people have similar qualifications and are going for the same job, "special consideration" will be given to "non-Christian" teachers.  Nope, not making it up.  Lookie here

PERHAPS SHE HAS BEEN HUMBLED Remember the obnoxious spoiled 18 year old in New Jersey who sued her parents?  She has dropped her case against them after moving back in with them last week.  I hope she has learned a lesson after she got her hand smacked by the judge in initial court sessions.  

JIMMY FALLON PICKS ON OBAMA Which is rare as he is considered to be quite the lefty.  Watch this video and enjoy!