I LOVE INDEPENDENCE DAY!  This weekend represents a time in our great nation when we stood up the tyranny of a King who unilaterally chose how our people would live, unfairly taxed them without representation and otherwise mistreated us.  So we stood up, and told King George to take a hike.  In your opinion, what makes America great?  Go.

THIS WOMAN IS SAD. A Colorado woman is charged with giving support to a foreign terror group because she was headed to Turkey to help ISIS.  How sad, lonely and devoid of meaning her life must have been to make this seem like a good idea.  

IS IT BAD TO POINT OUT THAT PEOPLE DON'T PAY INCOME TAXES? The Democrat dirt machine has lobbed it's first volley, and it's in the form of a video of a speech Bob Beauprez made to a group of Rotarians.  It's a speech which mentions how half the country doesn't pay income taxes and why Democrats could benefit from it.  It's not shocking and it's true.  When did the truth become a "gotcha" moment?  

THIS IS THE KIND OF CASE THAT CHANGES BIG THINGS A rather boring story about a pot shop suing the IRS over a penalty for paying their payroll taxes in cash could be something big.  The pot shops are in a federal government created Catch-22.  They can't write a check because banking laws prevent them from being able to bank because federal laws against marijuana make it illegal to do so.  They have no legal way to avoid the penalty.  It's a great case that could have far reaching impacts.  

FORT COLLINS BANNING E CIGARETTES BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT'S BEST Fort Collins is the sort of place I could never live.  They are expanding their smoking ban to include e-cigs now.  When smoking bans went into effect if was because of the lie of the danger of 2nd hand smoke.  E-cig users exhale water vapor.  But the Fort Collins City Council is going to do it anyway because.  That's the reason, just because.  From now on, I shall rename Fort Collins Boulder, Jr.  

OH, AND THEY'RE TAXING BAGS TOO Fort Collins is also barreling ahead with a bag tax, which will be paid disproportionately by college age men, who don't own or bring reusable bags to the store.  Thank goodness there is government to force people to do the right thing! 

AGAIN...SHERIFF IT'S TIME TO GO The Sheriff Terry Maketa story gets worse.  It seems the sheriff's wife and her tip to local news outlets to ask for Internal Affairs reports about some of the officers who have alleged wrongdoing.  It certainly does seem like the sheriff's wife had access to information she shouldn't have and used it in retaliation.  Please step down, Sheriff Maketa, the people of El Paso county deserve better than all this. 

GEE I SURE HOPE DEMOCRATS MAKE IT A CAMPAIGN ISSUE I'm talking about religious freedom and the Hobby Lobby ruling of course, because new polling data shows that more voters agree with the decision than don't.  And furthermore, most voters don't really care about birth control coverage.  So go for it Dems, go for it! 

WHERE LEFT AND RIGHT COLLIDE This is fascinating.  When asked if the country has done enough to help black succeed, two groups agree the answer is yes: conservatives and young liberals.  Who saw that coming?  Not me, that's who.  What does it mean?  I have no idea. 

COULD OBAMACARE IMPLODE IN ONE RULING? The DC Circuit is going to be deciding a case about the law and one specific line in it.  From this article:

there’s a line buried deep in the statutory text that says federal subsidies for insurance premiums will be available to anyone who buys a plan on “an Exchange established by the State.” Question: Does Healthcare.gov, the exchange built by the federalgovernment after 34 states refused to build their own exchanges, qualify as an “Exchange established by the State”?

 It was shot down in an earlier court, but this could be a BIG deal because if it falls, the subsidies for millions would be taken back.  And those people who are currently getting those subsidies would be hit with a bill for the full cost of their very expensive insurance, which they will drop.  Keep an eye on this story.

THE BIG GAY WHOPPER If you're thinking that I'm talking about a lie by gay people, sorry about your luck, I'm talking about a big gay Whopper at Burger King.  In a shameless pander, BK is offering a rainbow wrapped Whopper in it's San Fran locations.  Some of the proceeds will fund a scholarship fund for LGBT students going to college.  Is there any doubt someone will pretend to be gay to get a scholarship?  Can you imagine a student panicking because their NOT gayness could be found out?  Irony alert!  Irony Alert!