HE'S THE SMARTEST MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Well at least I think he is.  Ken Jennings is the winningest Jeopardy champion in history and he's got a nifty new book out for kids.  I'll talk to him and maybe even challenge him to Of the Day at 9:35. 


EVERYONE SHOULD JUMP IN WATER IN THE WINTER But only for a really good cause.  I'll talk to the CEO of Special Olympics Colorado Mindy Watrous at 7:50 about how you can join the Polar Plunge to help this wonderful, wonderful cause! Click here for all the info to take the PLUNGE!


SO...ARE YOU A FAN OR A LESSER FAN? It's inescapable. Sunday is the Superbowl and I can't wait!  As a relatively new Broncos fan, I haven't had time to create my bizarro world traditions that my husband will someday make fun of, so I'd like to hear yours.  And while you're at it, whatcha eating on Sunday?

MY KALUA PIG RECIPE If you don't have anything delish to make for Sunday yet, do this.  Take a pork shoulder and rub it down completely with Liquid Smoke and course kosher salt.   Take a big piece of heavy duty foil and put two unpeeled bananas on the foil and the pork shoulder on the bananas.  Lay three more bananas on the pork roast and seal the foil  packet around the pork.  Put in into a large pan and throw it in the over overnight at 200 degrees.  Shred and serve on sammiches or just eat it with a fork.  Additional barbeque sauce is optional.  You're welcome!  

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DROP EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT BENNIES?  Read this article about North Carolina.  When they ended extended unemployment guess what happened?  People got jobs.  Check the chart in the article for a true mind blowing visual.


IF YOU'RE TUNING IN TO HEAR ME MAKE FUN OF MARK UDALL'S SON You will be sadly disappointed.  I wish nothing but wellness and healing for his son as he deals with what is apparently a drug problem.  I hope he uses this as a springboard to sobriety.  That is all.


TOO BAD THE ENVIROS WILL STILL USE A DISAVOWED STUDY Anti frackers love to cite studies they believe gird their assertions.  And one in particular that says if you live near a well you are more likely to get cancer just got way less scientific.  Why?  The Colorado Health Department was forced to disavow the study often cited because it's junk.  They didn't use the word, but that's what they said.  And THIS is why I ask you to educate yourself. 


DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER YOUR....SUPERBOWL PARTY? IS this for real?  If I were in college there would be a zero percent chance this would happen.  And how big does your party have to be?  I would register a party of one every Friday just for fun. 


YES YES YES!  This is a great column about marketing to women and how the GOP could learn something from the NFL.  However I think the GOP actually always sees women as capable human beings.  That's why they don't think the government should pay for their birth control.


MSNBC LOVES TO CALL OTHERS NAMES But only if you're conservative.  This is a great column from Reason that brings to light how these things happen and it's exactly right.  No one stops it because it's simply...well...thought to be a fact in some circles. But maybe they have gone too far, because the latest polling data is ugly.  U.G.L.Y.  

ARAVADA COUNCIL ANSWERS LAWSUIT WITH "NUH-UH" The Arvada City Council is saying a giant nuh-uh about the lawsuit filed over secret balloting being used to select the new city council member.  IMHO they violated both the law and the spirit of the law as well.  But hey, double down on your decision and spend a fortune fighting this, I'm sure you're going to use your own money.  Oh wait.  

THIS IS A TOUGH ONE A high school basketball player who lost both his legs has been benched.  Not because he can't play, but because he has prosthetic legs that the high school sports association has deemed unacceptable.  I can truly see both sides of this, but caught in the crossfire is a young man who just wants to play high school ball.  

THIS STORY IS GUT WRENCHING A Pennsylvania television station WTAE did a story on increasing premiums at one small business.  The way they did it was heartbreaking and real.  Watch it here.