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LOVE GREEN ENERGY? How much?  Do you love it enough to have your power bill keep going up indefinitely?  Just check this analysis of what we are spending on power THIS year vs. prior years.  Then realize that the increase is directly attributable to clean energy mandates.  How much do you want to pay for windmills that only work when its windy? 

HOW DOES THIS COMPANY STILL GET WORK? The company responsible for the disaster of is working very hard to upgrade the Colorado computer accounting system.  It's launching today.  But according to this story from Fox 31, it won't work and isn't ready.  As a matter of fact, it was declared "a disaster in the making" in a May letter to the Governor.  A government agency who can't do IT?  I can't believe it.  Yes, yes I can believe it.  

WANT A FAIR ANALYSIS OF YESTERDAY'S SCOTUS DECISIONS? Here it is.  It wasn't an attack on women or unions, there was good and bad in both decisions.  Read this for a non-emotional discussion of how narrowly drawn both were. 

BUT MAN, WOMEN ARE FREAKING OUT ON FACEBOOK About the Hobby Lobby decision.  I have one thing to say about the reactions I'm seeing: Stop taking it personally.  It's not about you, or your ovaries, or how the men on the court feel about your ovaries (I'm guessing here but I think they don't give a crap about your ovaries) or your privacy or anything else I've seen on Facebook.  It's about a core protection in the Constitution that allows people to live according to their faith vs. having someone else pay for something you should be responsible for, which is NOT in the Constitution.  The SCOTUS' job is to determine the Constitutionality of an issue.  Period.  And nothing in this ruling prevents women from accessing any form of birth control or abortifacient, it's about making someone else pay for it when they believe doing so is paying for murder.  Just because you believe someone else should pay for the morning after pill doesn't mean it trumps that someone else's belief in God.  One is protected in this country and the other simply isn't.  Sorry your feelings are hurt. 


WHAT'S ONE DEAD BODY IN THE BIGGER POLITICAL FIGHT? President Obama should feel responsible for the dead 11 year old boy found rotting near the border, as he tried to sneak he way into the country to meet his brother.  Were it not for the squishy messages being sent by Obama's administration, this would not have happened.  But hey, the Democrats need new voters, so what's one dead boy in the grand scheme of things?

HEY ALL YOU PALESTINIANS SYMPATHIZERS WHO HATE ISRAEL I'd love to hear from you now that the bodies of three Israeli teenagers have been found.  I have a feeling this is going to be UGLY.  Here's hoping it doesn't spiral into another nightmare in the Middle East.  

WE ALL LOVE AUTHORITY!  AS LONG AS IT'S OUR AUTHORITY This has been obvious to me for years.  We love authority.  However, the nature of who is yielding that authority matters very much.  When the other political team is in charge, we all become anarchists.  

REMEMBER WHEN NOAA ANNOUNCED IT WAS WRONG? Yeah, me neither.  But other folks who watch NOAA very closely when it comes to climate scamming science DID notice that NOAA very quietly changed the temperatures on two months to make the hottest month on record July 1936...again.  Read this and wonder why I don't trust any of these jokers anymore.