RECYCLING IS A RACKET And Pueblo should run away screaming as it's City Council is considering forcing trash hauler to offer recycling.  We got had years ago when it comes to this boondoggle.  ONE little trash barge in the 80's go this whole thing going, and even now it ends up costing consumers more to recycle than it would just throw everything in the landfill.  And we've got plenty of landfill space, fyi.  Read this article for more details.  Or this.

I KIND OF FEEL SORRY FOR MARK UDALL Not enough to vote for him, mind you, but watching him squirm over fracking makes me sad for him.  Why?  Because apparently being in politics prevents you from standing on least for him anyway.  How does he really feel about fracking?  We probably won't know if Cory Gardner continues to poll well.  And if him not weighing in doesn't bother his base, shame on them.  

SEE?  I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE CONCERNED You all should know by now I have a healthy fear of an EMP attack.  After reading this article, I see I need to expand my fear of a nuke detonated high up in the sky to include a massive solar storm.  I may never sleep again until I buy a car with a carburetor.  

IT'S NOT JUST FOR MILLENIALS ANYMORE! A study out of California shows an interesting trend.  Older adults moving back in with their parents.  And it's not so the kids can help the parents, it's so the parents can help the kids, who have been hit by long term unemployment and the sagging economy.  The older you are, the harder it is to find a job.  Ageism as it's best.

THIS IS JUST A SAD COMMENTARY ON WHAT THE INTERNET HAS DONE TO US Good news!  A baby was born in April!  Even better news: her parents weren't morons who honored the rules of the internet contest they had to let the internet name their baby.  Otherwise, the baby would have hated them and eventually murdered them in their sleep. 

SHOULD IT BE HARDER TO AMEND OUR CONSTITUTION?  I think it should be very difficult to amend the founding document of this state, with a very high standard of approval.  There is a bill in the House that would require more signatures to put a proposed amendment on the ballot and then require a 2/3 majority to pass muster.  I think this is a great idea, however, I have a prediction.  This ballot measure will pass by less than a 2/3 majority thus becoming an amendment that would fail by the standards it requires.  It's happened before.  But it's still a good thing.  

WOULD YOU WANT THIS JOB? Because of the way the late Kristine Kirk's 911 call was handled there is scrutiny on the entire group of 911 operators.  Which is good, because the way this call was handled is tragic.  Fox 31 is working on the story and found some prior issues with 911 operators.  They spend a lot of time talking about one guy, who has been fired, but overall, how do these operators do?  This is a job I would not want.  Talk about dealing with people at their worst. 

GENETIC CURES FOR DISEASES? This story is so exciting for people who suffer with diseases for which there is no cure.  Scientists have "cured" genetic liver disease in rats by changing the faulty DNA that caused it in the first place.  Genome therapy is the most exciting medical field around now and will fundamentally change medicine when all is said and done.  

YET ANOTHER GREAT CAMPAIGN AD After being accused of feeling "entitled" because of his military service, the guy challenging Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas is hitting back with a rather funny ad.  


Funny how Mark Pryor, who's daddy paved his way into politics, is talking about entitlement, isn't it?