HERE'S HOPING YOUR WEEKEND WAS JUST DUCKY! Because we are going to jump into things today.  Here is a random question: what makes a great party?  I went to a great party this weekend, and for me, it was all about the people there.  Super nice, very interesting, great people.  Good booze is helpful too.   

A GOVERNMENT CREATED CATCH-22 The pot industry is TRYING to comply with the rules.  And the rules say they can't bank because the federal government views pot as illegal and laws prevent people from doing illegal things from banking.  The federal government also says you may not pay your quarterly payroll taxes in cash without paying a penalty.  So you see what's happening now.  Could this be the convoluted regulatory quagmire which ends the prohibition on banking for pot purveyors?  We shall see but we will discuss in depth today. 

SO THIS IS FUNNY, YET...HE'S BLACK!  A parade float poked fun at President Barack Obama's presidential library by depicting it as an outhouse.  And now it's being deemed racist.  Somehow I doubt anyone called this cartoon racist when it came out.  But GWBush is a honky, so there's that.  Get over people, some folks don't like Obama and they have parades.  And this is nothing compared to the Germans, they make kick ass mockery floats.  


I'M GUESSING THEY ARE NEVER LONELY A pair of conjoined twins in Dayton, Ohio passed an important milestone over the weekend: they lived longer than the most famous pair of conjoined twins.  Chang and Eng Bunker were world famous twins, but they only lived to be 62 years and some change, and the Dalyon boys of Dayton just outlived them.  Can you imagine being attached to another human being?  I get itchy when I don't have any alone time, so I can only imagine.  #perspective

ROLLING COAL = A GIANT MIDDLE FINGER Have you seen this?  I love a good passive aggressive shot and this is funny.  Although I have no desire to be behind these guys in traffic.  

VERY FUNNY, GOD, VERY FUNNY A guy in Tennessee won the Powerball jackpot.  And he had already taken a vow of poverty.  For real, people apparently still do that.  The big winner here?  The performing arts organizations which will benefit from his largess as he gives it all away.  This is pretty cool, and what a test of this man's faith.  Quick question though: why was he playing the lottery? 

WELL CRAP, NOW I FEEL OLD Seinfeld premiered 25 years ago.  It wasn't very good that first season.  But thank goodness someone at the network had vision.  Because my life would be infinitely less full of snappy references without it.  Fun article on some of the famous people who appeared on the show as guest stars.  

WHEN UTOPIA MEETS REALITY Seattle's City Council passed a $15 minimum wage and everyone was all like, "YAY!" except the businesses who looked at the law and realized it will likely put a world of hurt on some industries.  Now the business owners are fighting back.  They are trying to get a repeal measure on the ballot.  Many of them of the affected are restaurants and retailers.  I would suggest that for the two weeks leading up the election they adjust their prices to reflect the new reality and ask consumers to make a choice.  

ABOUT THOSE DEATH PANELS As the calls for single payer rise up by people who don't understand how ridiculous single payer would be in the United States, this may give them pause.  Then again, maybe not, because they aren't yet 75 years old and in need of a knee replacement.  It seems that in the UK, where the NSA is what all progressives here slobber to have, there are huge swaths of the country where if you are of a certain age, you simply don't get the surgery you might need.  Knee replacement?  Not so fast.  Gall bladder needs to go?  Don't think so.  Breast cancer?  Can't quite squeeze you in.  This is all in spite of rules against such things.  Just like there were rules here to see veterans in a timely fashion.  And we all know how that worked out. 

THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT AN INTERESTING MAN I got to know Tom Monaghan because of his Catholic university Ave Maria.  Talk about a guy who lives his faith every day, he is definitely it.  This is a cool profile on a guy who doesn't talk much. 

HE WHO CONTROLS THE FLOW OF INFORMATION CONTROLS THE WORLD And the BBC is very happy to go along with the status quo by instructing managers to not allow people who don't agree with the status quo on the air.  This all seems to be rooted in the rah-rah global warming crowd, but this hardly seems to be journalistic.  But hey, they can do what they want and I can ignore them. 

IS ASKING WORKERS TO SPEAK ENGLISH DISCRIMINATORY? A privately owned company had a simple request: speak English at work.  And now the feds are suing the company for discrimination.  

EXTRA CREDIT FOR LONG ARMPIT HAIR? Of course it was in a gender studies course.  Of course it was.  Is this a legit experiment or nonsense?  

TAKE THAT SAUDI ARABIA! We are the biggest oil producers in the world!  Fracking is what has done this.  Which is why Saudi Arabia is very invested in shutting down fracking.  Which is why we shouldn't shut it down.  

WHY I DON'T LIKE FIREWORKS, REASON #57484 This.  Because this happens every year somewhere.