SO I REMEMBERED WHY I DON'T DO THINGS LIKE GO TO LODO As Chuck and I found our way down there Saturday night after the St. Patty's Parade.  I am not a fan of really, really drunk people.  That is all.

THIS IS SUPER DISTURBING Over the weekend the news started to break that the Malaysian Airlines flight that "disappeared" is likely the victim of foul play.  Meaning someone hijacked the plane.  But there is not sign it crashed, and if it were one of the pilots, he knows exactly how far it can fly without refueling.  Is anyone else the slightest bit concerned that this plane was stolen in order to facilitate some hideous plot that ends with some horrific attack? Call me cray cray, but do you have a better explanation?

COULD A TABOR LAWSUIT DO IN OBAMACARE? Strap on your nerd hats, this story is very important for a few reasons.  First, the Democrats hate TABOR because it takes away their all important taxing authority.  Second, it could actually give our members of Congress standing to file a suit to overturn all the illegal changes to Obamacare that the President has unilaterally made.  But will the GOP go for it?  I doubt it. 

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? This mother used her perfectly healthy 6 year old to scam others for money by telling them AND him that he had cancer and was going to die.  Who does this?  Of course there is nothing wrong with blaming your kid when you pass gas, it is unacceptable to use them in this way. 


COME HERE FOR A BETTER LIFE?  OR TO SUE THE PEOPLE WHO SAVE YOU? Remember that jackass who was going to sue the first responders who saved his life during last year's floods?  Does it matter that he may be here illegally? 


SOOOOOO....NOW WHAT? In a referendum that saw many ethnic Tatars stay home, Crimeans voted to become a part of Mother Russia once again.  The EU and US say the vote is illegal.  So now what? 

THIS IS WHY THE EPA NEEDS TO BE REIGNED IN When you follow the rules and then a governmental agency announces you broke rules that have nothing to do with what you built, what do you do? One man is fighting.  As well he should.  He's fighting for all of us to not be attacked and rendered bankrupt by out of control government.

EVEN WHEN THEY HATE US THEY ASK US TO FIX STUFF The latest on Venezuela is super interesting.  The people have taken to the streets to protest...well...socialism and President Maduro has been blaming the United States (he wishes we gave a crap about his country) for fomenting violence.  So it is SUPER preposterous that he is now asking the US to participate in a "peace commission" to stop the violence we haven't had anything to do with.  Of course.

THAT'S QUITE A PICKLE YOU'VE GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO This is what happens when politicians quibble about how to best stimulate economies.  You have someone suggesting pickleball for economic development.  Pickleball.  Sigh.

YAY, WE'RE NOT AS FAT! OH WAIT, YES WE ARE This past weekend there was some big hootenanny where government types, including Michelle Obama trumpeted a study released in February that showed childhood obesity rates dramatically declining.  Except they might not have declined at all. We may have even gotten fatter.   

YAY, THE JOB MARKET IS IMPROVING! OH WAIT, NO IT'S NOT If you listen to news people talk about the falling unemployment rate, it's good, right?  But dig down and you find out people are working fewer hours a week.  And that is definitely not good.  Unless you are Democrat, who will tell you it's good you're getting fewer hours at work so you can take care of your kids now.

SCORE ONE FOR THE GOOD GIRL WITH A GUN Pizza delivery drivers are walking targets.  Except in North Carolina where a 26 year old woman brandished her own weapon to get away from two guys who lured her into a trap to rob her.

IRONY ALERT! A player who left the NFL when he was just 27 because he was tired of putting his health at risk was just arrested in Chicago with cocaine, ecstasy and pot on him in a night club.  I guess no one told him cocaine and ecstasy weren't good for his health. 

WHY IS A DOG "INNOCENT"? This story doesn't surprise me in the slightest, but this notion that a dog who attacked a boy is "innocent" quite simply isn't accurate.  A dog that attacks a boy who did nothing but pick up a bone isn't innocent, he's a dog who attacked a human.  At that point, the dog's life becomes unimportant and he gets put down.  Period.  But now people are donating tons of money to save that dog.  And the rhetoric is nauseating.