JUST FOR CRANKY FRANKY A link about how thoroughly the EPA's Second Hand smoke report has been debunked.  A study the EPA continues to use, btw, even though they had to take it back. LOOK HERE FRANK.

HAPPY DAY YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ROMANTIC! On Valentine's Day I thought we'd discuss this nifty article from the NY Times about how men just can't win in relationships.  Actually the article is about how men who do more household chores around the house actually get less sex.  You can't win for losing, guys.  

WELL THIS IS A FASCINATING COINCIDENCE. The staffer who pushed back against Senator Mark Udall's office about the number of Coloradoans who got insurance cancellation notices is leaving her job.  No word on where she's going, but if she's leaving for the private sector after becoming disillusioned about working in government who could blame her?  (I have no idea if that's what happened, btw)

WHAT?  THE KEG STANDS DIDN'T WOO THEM??? Young people are taking a pass so far on the Colorado Health Exchange.  Which is a big problem, because they were supposed to subsidize the fat and flabby older folks who did sign up.  There is a structural imbalance now that just may sink the whole thing.  I wish I had audio from my show in 2008 when I said this is exactly what would happen.  Being right is such a burden.  

CAN WE TALK COLLEGE FOOTBALL FOR ONE SECOND? The NCAA is proposing a rules change that is going to suck if it passes.  They want to make it illegal to snap the ball in the first 10 seconds of the play clock countdown.  This is allegedly designed to slow down the pace of play.  This is stupid and is actually designed to give programs with less strength time to try and get it together.  I. Hate. This.

THE NINTH CIRCUS FINALLY GETS SOMETHING RIGHT The most liberal appeals court in the land landed a body blow on gun grabbers yesterday when they ruled that the 2nd Amendment does mean an individual has a right to bear arms.  In throwing out a ridiculously arduous process to get a concealed carry permit in San Diego, the 9th Circuit made a huge statement to gun grabbers.  The 2nd Amendment won big, not just because it happened, but because of WHERE it happened.  

GOODNIGHT PA.  I love Ralph Waite, the man who played Pa on the Waltons and Gibbs' dad on NCIS.  He died yesterday.  Sad.  

IT CAN'T BE RACIST, ONLY CONSERVATIVES ARE RACIST Time magazine has a new story about Chris Christie that is designed to imply he's the political equivalent of a mob boss (because they have to continue to discredit him so he can't run for president) and they put a photo in the article of him as Tony Soprano.  Now there is a question if this is racist.  I'll put that to my Italian American friends.  

DON'T LET BASIC ECONOMICS STAND IN THE WAY OF A GOOD PANDER So the White House would have you believe that if we raised the minimum wage to 10 bucks an hour people would be lifted out of poverty.  Except it wouldn't happen.  This according so many independent studies about the affect of the minimum wage increase.  Check it here.

MEN IN GEORGIA ARE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL For the sheriff who cancelled Valentine's Day and let all men off the hook.  This is really funny.

THE PURE SWEETNESS OF CHILDREN IS BEAUTIFUL A second grader at a school heard about a "buddy bench" at another school and wanted one for his school.  What is a "buddy bench"?  It's a bench by the playground where a kid who might be lonely can sit so others know he or she would like a buddy to play with.  So the second grader went to Home Depot and they donated a buddy bench to his school. Children are so pure and wonderful until we corrupt them. 

WANT THE SCOOP ON ST. VALENTINE?  Check out Greg's column on Valentine's Day and the man who inspired this day of love.