IT'S THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF D DAY And we would all do well to remember how a people softened by recession and girded by man selling nationalism embraced a movement that killed so many.  It can happen again.  Take some time to note the day with young people who may have no clue what it means.

DEMOCRATS ARE PLAYING IN THE GOP PRIMARY Republicans, don't be fooled by a new mailer out attacking Tom Tancredo as "too conservative".  They are sent out by a Democrat group who WANT Tom Tancredo as the candidate.  Today at 7:05 I'll talk to Todd Shepherd with about the latest scheme.

I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY WITH THESE LIBS The folks who made history with the Citizen's United case are trying to do a documentary on John Hickenlooper here in Colorado.  The Secretary of State's office said, sorry, you won't be exempt from electioneering rules here.  One lib group had this to say:

"As the Supreme Court said in the case that bears Citizens United's name, the public has a right to know who is spending money to influence their vote as an election nears," said Luis Toro, Ethics Watch's director, after Thursday's ruling."

I could not agree more!  I think EVERY ad by a 527 should have a disclaimer announcing that the people who made it want to hide behind the 527 designation so they don't have to tell you who is doing it.  We can start with the mailers mentioned above.

IS THE DPD A MODERN DAY KEYSTONE COPS OUTFIT? The Denver Police Department has suffered a series of black eyes due to officer misconduct and lawbreaking as of late.  Though this story is kind of funny, it adds to the perception that DPD officers are not making good decisions.  Does Chief White need to address these issues publicly?  What needs to happen in the department to prevent this stuff from happening?

IS THE BERGDAHL STORY EVEN WORSE THAN WE THINK? As if that were possible, right?  Except according to a private contractor in a detailed report, it is now alleged that Bowe Bergdahl not only converted to Islam, he declared himself mujahadin and was friendly with his captors during his time with them.  Stockholm Syndrome or personal choice?  Only Bowe Bergdahl knows for sure.  

OBAMA V. W...THE BATTLE OF COMPETENCE? A recent Fox News poll says more people think George W Bush was a more competent President than Barack Obama.  And considering how little people thought of W when he left office, this is saying something.  James Taranto broke it down best yesterday.  Read it here.

A MOM TAKES BIG STEPS AGAINST COMMON CORE the opposition to Common Core is growing from all angles as people realize exactly how dodgy it is.  Don't understand why it's dodgy?  Read this article, and click through to the lengthy blog posting that has set the internet on fire.  It's worth every minute of your time.  Especially if you have kids.

THIS IS THE WORST FIRST DATE EVER This is why you don't fly around the world to meet people you meet on the internet. 

DOES THIS MAKE SEX SEEM LIKE A BUSINESS DEAL? California is determined to ruin everything.  They've passed a law, an actual law that requires college students to obtain:

 “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.”

This should be fun to watch.  My big question is, why only college students?  Why not everyone?  This will keep the lawyers busy for days.

GO MISS PENNSYLVANIA! I am not a Miss USA fan (no talent portion!) but I will rooting hard for Miss Pennsylvania this year.  She has come forward with the story of her conception, and it was at the point of a knife.  Her mother made a brave choice and now this beautiful young woman is spreading the word about sexual violence.  And by default, spreading an anti abortion message to boot.

SOMEHOW I THINK THE MARRIAGE MIGHT BE IN TROUBLE BEFORE THIS A woman has filed for divorce because her husband doesn't like the movie FrozenAlthough I love Elsa and Anna, this does seem a little silly to me.