THANK YOU BRONCOS! What a great season to join the Bronco Nation.  I can't wait to see what happens in the off season and am even more excited to watch them next season.  Onward and Upward!

WINING WITH WOMEN The Independence Institute does some great events and this is going to be a GREAT one.  It's Wining with Women and Linda Hansen, who will be on the show this morning at 8:50, will be speaking about the amazing things that are happening in Wisconsin.  Get all the info about the event here.

BECAUSE AMERICA IS OFFENSIVE AND STUFF Fort Collins, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Well not everyone, because there are lovely people there, but the misguided administrators who shot down "'Merica Monday" because they didn't want to offend immigrants really don't get it.  Unless you've been brought here on a slave ship, which I'm pretty sure ended a very long time ago, you've come here by choice.  And if 'Merica Monday offends you, you should probably go home.  Shame, shame on Fort Collins High School.  SHAME.  Update: good news, they will still celebrate Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo.  Phew.  


DON'T GO AGAINST BOTH PARTIES NOW I've already said I think this lawsuit by the education labor union is a mistake.  And now two former Governor's, one Republican and one Democrat, have penned an open letter to the unions as a warning shot.  Now I have no way of saying whether or not these two former governors are in cahoots with current leadership but this is not my first rodeo.  I suspect this is the current elected politicos not-so-subtle message to the union that they may be cutting off their noses to spite their faces.  Let's see if they listen (spoiler alert, they won't because they believe that even though people keep voting against them the secretly really agree the unions should still be running everything at school).  


I THOUGHT CAMPUSES WERE LIBERAL PARADISES? And if there is one thing I've learned from endless watchings of that cult favorite (okay no one but me likes it so I've started my own cult, but whatev) PCU it's that sexism is NOT tolerated.  Unless you work in the Philosophy department which is filled with lecherous old men who make every woman cower in fear and disgust.  What is up with this?  Is it funny or sad that the PC chickens have finally come home to roost (again...wait, didn't I just use that line talking about another professor being slaughtered by the pc popo?)  And more importantly, why do we still have a philosophy program?  JK on that last thing, I hear philosophy students kick butt on the LSAT.  


THANK GOODNESS SOMEONE IS TAKING CARE OF THIS When I check Wikipedia, the first thing that jumps out at me is the complete sexism that practically leaps from the page (even more so than some of the glaring errors).  Not really, I never noticed it, but THANKFULLY some intrepid feminists are on the case.  Phew, so glad that's taken care of. 


THAT'LL DO DONKEY, THAT'LL DO This story has no real value to you or me but it did allow me to make a Shrek reference so...WINNING!


IF THEY MAKE CARS COMPLETELY UNAFFORDABLE We will all have to ride stupid public transportation.  And though I think this technology is super cool, it is likely going to add even more bucks the price of a new car.  Pretty soon, only rich people will be able to afford new cars. Then Democrats will use that as a sign that rich people are bad.  STOP THE MADNESS. 

BUT THEN AGAIN, MAYBE IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL How Big Brother is this?  Europeans are going to lose control of their cars.  Because nothing could go wrong with this kind of technology.  This is frightening to me and a little freaky.  Tin foil hat locked in place.  


LOOK KIDS, IT'S TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS!  Read this story to see who is driving the economy.  Read this story to see who is spending money in the economy at high rates.  And then tell me the rich don't pay their fare share.  Not only do the top 20% pay 94% of income taxes but they are responsible for "90 percent of the overall increase in inflation-adjusted consumption between 2009 and 2012".  Good thing they really aren't evil, or they would take their marbles and go home.  


THEY SHOULD CALL STEVEN PAGONES AND ASK HIM WHAT GETTING A LIB TO APOLOGIZE IS LIKE Piers Morgan makes liberals proud with his loud Brit-inflected denouncements of American culture.  He loves to lay the wood on what he perceives to be bullies.  So it will be fascinating to watch him apologize for slandering an entire football team and town on his program.  It seems the "crime" in question that so inflamed him was a hoax.  A lie perhaps perpetuated by a couple who felt aggrieved or something.  But the football team is waiting.  I'm guessing they will continue to wait indefinitely.  Much like the DA Steven Pagones, who was slandered by the right Rev. Al Sharpton so many years ago.  He's still waiting.  

 YOU POOR, POOR DEAR Do you ever read a column on parenting only to shake your head and think to yourself, "this woman needs to get a grip now before her children are completely out of control".  This column is one of those.  But it's got me to thinking about chores.  I think kids not only need them, but they thrive on them.  That's why The Q is going to wax my car as soon as it's warm enough.  

REMEMBER KELO V. NEW LONDON? It the case that truly and completely crapped all over our private property rights in the name of economic development.  Did you ever wonder what happened in New London?  Here is a great overview of what went down and how amazingly, it has failed to materialize.  This is why government shouldn't work in the area of economic development.  

BECAUSE YOU BEING AGGRESSIVE DOESN'T REQUIRE INTENT Before you compliment someone who may be of another race, gender, sexual orientation or religion you should probably be aware of your tendency toward microaggression.  Yes, microaggression.  Because now you can be an ahole without meaning to or even realizing you're doing it.  This is someone looking for tits on an ant.