THE COLORADO SPRINGS SHOOTER SAYS HE'S GUILTY And although the public defender says he questions this man's competency to stand trial, I say let's take him at his word.  During this guy's court appearance yesterday, he had many outbursts including the one where he said he was guilty.  I hope the DA pursues life without parole as a part of a no death penalty deal and we can just put this guy away.  Being an old crotchety bastard is not an excuse for murder. 


I AM SOMETIMES A HORRIBLE PARENT And as I was sitting through yet another dance recital, I began plotting how I will "forget" to sign Q up for dance next semester so i didn't have to do this again.  Is that horrible?  Must I suffer so my kid can have a great life?


IF YOU LEGALIZE IT, THEY WILL COME I'm sure this will be disputed by many, but it seems legal pot is drawing people to Colorado.  At least according to a survey


THE FIX IS IN, ON GRADES ANYWAY The Leeds School of Business at CU-Boulder has a bit of a grade conflagration on it's hands.  It seems they suggested quotas on how many students could get the highest grades in any class.  Which is ridiculous to me.  If you do the work well, you should be graded on that.  Period. If too many kids are getting A's, make the work harder and raise the standard for A, don't limit who can or can't get an A.  That's just dumb.


NO CHARGES IN CANON CITY In the sexting scandal that rocked the high school there.  I think this is a good decision, but perhaps high schools should add a short bit about sexting when they do freshman orientation?  


COLORADO COLLEGE IS A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLACE At least that was my takeaway from this long article about the racial flap that erupted on campus stemming from a post of social site Yik Yak.  But you know what?  A lot of this seems to be rooted in class issues more than race issues.  The same class issues working class white kids have to deal with when they go to college with much wealthier peers.  And guess what?  You'll survive.


WHAT PISSES PARENTS OFF Is a school assignment asking students what "pisses" them off.   


AAAANDD BLACK LIVES MATTER JUMPS THE SHARK At least on college campuses.  Why?  They are demanding a building named after a former school president be changed.  Why?  Because it's called Lynch Memorial Hall.  After Clyde Lynch.  Yep.  


"SNACKS" ARE BACK AT UNITED As airlines get a little more breathing room financially, I would expect to see some of the perks lost long ago make a return.  United it now going to be giving free snacks on it's flights.  Don't get excited, this is not a meal, just something to keep you from complaining.  Does this make you want to fly United?