OMG I AGREE WITH THE DENVER POST EDITORIAL BOARD I am all for people exercising their right to peaceful protest, but could not disagree more with the strategy of targeting anyone in his or her's home.  It's not right.  And the Post agrees.

DOES THE 2ND AMENDMENT COVER FURRINERS? Remember that raid on a bunch of Medical Marijuana businesses?  It resulted in charges being filed against a man here on non-immigrant visa because cops found photos of him holding guns during one of the raids.  His attorney is arguing that he is protected by the 2nd Amendment, even though he isn't a citizen and there are laws against non-citizens possessing guns without a hunting license.  This should be very interesting to watch.  It seems a bit like law enforcement really tried to find a way to arrest this guy, even though he as not listed in the search warrant.  

BIG GOVERNMENT IS GREAT!  UNLESS YOU GET BUSTED When conservatives argue for fewer regulations, it's because sometimes regulations just make life hard.  So the Udall for Senate campaign is finding out after they "forgot" to pay their unemployment taxes recently.  I'm sure it was just an oversight.  Or a misremembering.  Or something.

BAN FRACKING?  SURE, BUT YOU GIVE UP TAX MONEY I love this bill.  I'm all for communities being able to make their own decisions, i.e. fracking.  But if a city decides to ban fracking they shouldn't be able to get money from fracking happening in OTHER communities and now there is a move to do just that.  Decisions have consequences.  

UM, SHOULDN'T YOU WAIT FOR THE BACKGROUND CHECK? At least before letting someone work with 5 year olds?  This story is so bad on SO many levels.  A guy is busted by a neighbor smoking something in his car right before he walks into work at an elementary school.  But THAT'S NOT ALL! Come to find out he has an arrest record full of probation violations, but the school is apparently still waiting for the results of his background check. But he's been IN THE CLASSROOM since January.  With five year olds.  Since January.  

THANK GOODNESS SHE WAS JUST DRUNK It was a rough day for the public schools yesterday (see above).  At least this kindergarten teachers was JUST drunk when she came to school.  No word on if HER background check came out okay.  

MORE UNINSURED PEOPLE BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE If you work for Intrawest in Steamboat for ski season, you need to head on over to the Colorado exchange, because Intrawest is dumping it's seasonal employees off it's health insurance plan.  I wonder how many of the young people who this affects voted for Obamacare?  

TESLA = THE END OF CAR DEALERSHIPS? Peter Blake has a great column on the hoopla around Tesla daring to disrupt the business model that has been in place for nearly a century in the car business.  What do they want to do?  Sell directly to consumers without a middle man.  And the car lobby is FREAKING OUT.  You should read this to understand how crony capitalism really works. 

"THE NATURE OF HER VISIT IS REALLY QUITE DIFFERENT" So says the First Lady's spokesperson about her visit to China.  Not "hard" diplomacy, no talking about human rights or economics.  So what is it then?  A taxpayer financed vacation, that's what it is.  Just call it that and call it a day, k?

HAVE A NICE AFTERLIFE, JERK The nasty, foul-mouthed self-proclaimed "Reverend" Fred Phelps is toes up.  He died yesterday and in a last bit of awesomeness, his church excommunicated him for not going to Heaven without dying.  I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he showed up knocking at the Pearly Gates.  

THE SCIENCE OF CONTRACEPTION As a global warming skeptic I am often accused of "ignoring" science.  It will be interesting to watch the Left willfully ignore the new science about hormonal birth control.  It's not all sunshine a roses.  Did you know the morning after pill was just named a class one carcinogen?  No?  Me neither, but that came from the World Health Organization.

WELCOME TO CRIMEA, RUSSIA! The takeover of Crimea by Russia is a done deal, at least in the minds of Russia and Crimea.  Putin signed the papers and bada bing, bada boom, Crimea is Russian again.  And what are we going to do about it?  Nothing of real consequence.