I WROTE A BLOG POST ON ISRAEL AND HAMAS YESTERDAY And you can read it by clicking here

LOIS LERNER HATES YOU If you listen to talk radio, are conservative or even just Republican, she thinks you're an ahole.  Even the kind panel at Morning Joe had to agree with is bad.  Willie Giest looks like he might cry.  


RUH-ROH.  Remember the story we talked to Todd Shepherd from Complete Colorado about this week?  The one where the Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar did a complete 180 on health plans that didn't meet the Obamacare minimum standards?  Well Republicans read it too and are now demanding answers.  Well done, Todd, well done. 

MAYBE THEY SHOULD TIE A PORK CHOP AROUND THEIR NECKS Remember that old insult that "you're so ugly your mom had to tie a pork chop around your neck to get the dogs to play with you"?  Perhaps the DougCo teacher's union should try that strategy, as their membership is disappearing at a nasty clip.  It's funny what happens when you give people a choice about such things, isn't it?  I would like to see the actual letter in question here, but even the mad commenters aren't providing any evidence contrary to what's being reported.  

ILLEGALS ARE NOW LEGAL-ISH? At least they have the chance to be more legal when they get their Colorado licenses.  I have a question.  Why is this necessary?  We've spent a kajillion dollars on buses and light rail and are constantly trying to find ways to move people who don't drive around this city.  And yet, we are doing this because we've been told that this will make our roads safer.  How?  Do you really think this is going to stop our change the behavior of the kinds of guys who are here illegally and drive drunk until they kill a 17 year old boy?  Just asking.

I'M NO JOHN BOEHNER FAN But he's got some really good points in this exchange with reporters about the border bill that has died and now has new life in the House.  

We'll see what happens today, but if they don't fix DACA the problem never stops.  

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT I SAID YESTERDAY In the first hour of the show yesterday, I was talking about how many of the Left who probably eschew any relationship with actual God tend to deify those who they think are super smart and stuff.  I asked the question, what happens when science changes?  Or in this case, what happens when your human god disappoints you or turns out to be for something you are not?  Richard Dawkins is an atheist long revered by the Left.  Only now he's saying some not so nice things about Muslims and feminists so he must be stopped.  It must be exhausting to live like this.

MARK UDALL IS SUPER DUPER MAD About what?  The CIA spying on Congress.  He's now demanding John Brennan step down.  I went back and looked for where he demanded the head of the NSA step down for spying on Americans but couldn't find it.  But then again, we're just the hoi polloi and he's in the SENATE.  We all know the SENATE is much more special than we could EVER be.  

DEAR MEDIA, YOU'RE NOT LAPDOGGING ENOUGH, LOVE NANCY In what can only be described as from another universe, Nancy Pelosi told a reporter who asked why the "Republicans are anti-government" message isn't resonating that the media needs to "be our messengers".  Seriously.  Watch.

BOY THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG The Gaza truce has already fallen apart