THIS STUDY GIVES ME HOPE! Colorado millenials are a hopeful, but skeptical bunch. And they still believe in the American dream!  That the best part of this study on young adults who live here.  And if they can maintain that optimism it will be wonderful for Colorado's economy in the long run.

IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BASICALLY A HIPSTER THING? That's the conclusion I came to when I read this nerdy but very cool paper on what this London economist calls the "economics of political correctness".  I read it thinking it would be a treatise on how much money pc nonsense costs us, but it's much better than that.  The author essentially says the pc crowd is preening with the pride of being the morally superior, but he also maintains that to keep anyone ELSE from moving into the exclusive club, they keep moving the goal posts.  It's a really interesting way of saying that pc people are really just hipsters of language.  

GUESS WHAT MEN, THEY'RE COMING FOR YOU NOW This article fascinates me, but I think it's about time someone wrote it.  We have spent decades telling women to be the best they can be and decades telling men all the world's evils are their fault.  Can we be the least bit surprised when men start to fall behind


IS MENTIONING REPARATIONS RACIST? I think so, although who can keep up, right?  I guess when asking for reparations, that's not racist, but when questioning whether or not enough reparations have been made to Native Americas, that is?  At least one Democrat is crying racism on another Democrat, but it might be just sour grapes because a favored bill got killed.  Who knows at this point. 

SERIOUS QUESTION...ARE COLORADO DEMS TOO SOFT ON CRIME? Two bills should have sailed through this Legislature.  Colorado's Jessica's Bill and a bill to make multiple DUI's a felony.  And yet the first was gutted and watered down and the second was assigned to the every popular "kill committee" earlier this week.  Both had bipartisan support, and yet they had to be weakened or killed.  Why?  This is a legit question on my part. 

THE DIGNITARIES MUST BE PEEVED Because the Denver PD has rescinded it's "dignitary" 911 policy over public outcry of the special treatment allegedly afforded those in elected office.  Good.  They can wait and hope the cops show up before they get shot like everyone else.  

IS BENGHAZI UNRAVELING AT LIGHT SPEED? Bret Baier had former NSC spokesperson Tommy Veitor on yesterday and I am guessing Mr. Veitor is regretting ever accepting that invitation.  In one segment, he says when asked about the editing of the talking points:

"Dude, this was like two years ago. We're still talking about the most mundane process ... we're talking about the process of editing talking points. That's what bureaucrats do all day long."

But he didn't stop there.  He also admitted that the President was NOT i the Situation Room that night.  At all.  As a matter of fact, he wasn't sure where the President was.  Which is awesome.  And really inspires confidence in our Commander-in-Chief, doesn't it? 

THE WEEKLY STANDARD NAILS THE BENGHAZI COVERUP As usual, this puts things in a timeline and then brings attention to the preposterous nature of Jay Carney's assertion that the White House emails weren't about the deaths of 4 Americans but about attacks that no one cared about because 4 Americans were dead.

SENIOR PRANKS ARE FUN, RIGHT? Until students decide to urinate in the hallways, as 60 seniors in Tennessee are finding out the hard way as they've been arrested.  As they should be.  Did you do a senior prank?