WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! I recently heard Julie Gunlock with the Culture of Alarmism Project at the Independent Women's Forum speak and not only was she very funny she made some great points about how we are being scared to death to make us easier to manipulate.  That inspired our new every-so-often Monday radio segment entitled: We're All Gonna Die! With Julie Gunlock.  The first edition is today at 7:05, so don't miss it!  Click here for more info and Julie's book!

THIS IS FULL OF SUPER GREAT IDEAS FOR YOUR KIDS THIS SUMMER! Remember how great your summers were when you were kid?  This is a super fun article of the 10 ways you can give your kids a 1970's summer.  I'm trying this.  Except the sugar, the Q isn't good on sugar.  

 WE ARE GOING TO PAY FOR A SPECIAL SESSION BECAUSE: POLITICS! The politicians are all approaching a flop sweat thinking about the possibility that they may have to stake out an actual position on fracking.  So to prevent that, they are going to allow the tax payers to generously pay for a special session to avoid taking a position that could possibly be used against them in their attempts to remain in power.  How nice of us!  We rock!  

A UNION'S JOB IS TO PROTECT THE WORST The Jefferson County School Board is asking for a rather simple change to the tentative contract with the union: they want to make sure that non-probationary teachers graded only "partly effective" are NOT eligible for automatic raises.  This would affect 56 teachers.  I'm sure this is being touted as more proof that the conservative majority is out to get teachers.  Because they want to make sure 56 "partly INEFFECTIVE" teachers don't get automatic raises.  

THIS MADE ME CRY This man is simply an inspiration.  Read it and weep.  

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE IN THIS STORY?  A mom finds a series of what she deemed "inappropriate" text messages between her 15 year old daughter and a 42 year old teacher.  She alerts police, who say nothing illegal occurred.  The teacher then comes to the student's house to speak with her father, who tells the teacher to leave.  The teacher doesn't, and the dad hits him with a baseball bat.  I see nothing wrong here. 

WHY LEGAL POT SHOULDN'T MATTER TO THE RNC...VERY MUCH The kind folks scouting the 2016 RNC are in town today (hey y'all, welcome!) and there is an interesting column in the Post about whether or not legal pot hurts us.  Let's be real here, there is also upside to having the convention here BECAUSE of pot and not one upstanding GOP delegate need imbibe to get the upside.  I'll explain today. 

WITH MORE CERTAINTY COMES MORE HEDGING? This study out of CU-Boulder is really interesting, but I have an alternative explanation for why the news media is using more "hedging" words when it comes to Man Made Global Warming/climate change/climate disruption/whatever.  The study itself studied news articles about climate change.  It counted how many words were used to qualify certain parts of the science and over time, as the consensus has allegedly gotten stronger that climate change IS our fault (which I'm not buying) there have been MORE hedging words used.  How is that possible?  We're more certain, right?  

 I DON’T FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS I don’t live in Nucla, but if I did, I might fit right in.  As a gun owner, I would be following the law in Nucla, which now requires every household to own a firearm.  Though I get what they are doing, I don't like any requirement that forces anyone to own anything they don't want to.  This feels like the kind of "freedom" that those living under sharia law have.  I don't like it.  Is there any upside to this I'm missing?  Other than there will probably be very little crime here because everyone is packing? 

THE BORDERS ARE OPEN, COME ON IN! That's the message for illegals pouring across the border trying to get into the country before amnesty happens.  This could be a very sticky wicket for Administration and Democrats who are going to sell this as a "one time only" event.  That will be tough when the pictures, like those in this story, start to appear in papers across the country.  

THE RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN: SLUT SHAMING EDITION! So this is pretty awesome.  There is a woman urging the women of Iran to post pictures of themselves with their faces uncovered on Facebook.  (Gasp!)  The Iranian government decided to fire back by lying on state run tv that the activist in question had been gang raped in London in front of her son.  And that she was:

“whore who should not be elevated to the level of a heretic.”

So that's awesome.  It's nice to know that women are treated fairly under sharia law.  By fairly, I mean horribly, of course. 

THOSE CRIMINALLY EXPENSIVE COFFEE PODS ARE GOING UP I wanted one of those fancy one cup machines until I did the math on how much a pound of coffee costs by the pod. (Trust me, if you already have one, don't do the math.  It will make you cry) And now they will be even MORE expensive as drought in Brazil has driven up coffee prices by 10%.  At what point does coffee become the habit you can no longer afford?  

WANT TO BE HEALTHIER?  STOP EATING. Fasting for as little as three days can jump start your immune system, even in elderly people.  Is starving yourself for three days?  I'll let you know the next time I'm feeling bad.  Of course you'll know already because when I don't eat I get "hangry", which is very difficult to hide on the air. 

THE GREAT MYTHS OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION Read this and share it with your friends.  Then read everything else at www.fee.org