Poll: What's worse for your health?

Well not JUST me, but me too.  How did this miracle occur?  When being interviewed by a Spanish language station about Obamacare, Obama said that perhaps people need to re evaluate their personal financial priorities and put health insurance above their cell phone or cable bill.  Which is what I and MANY other conservatives has said is the problem since 2008.  We knew this was one of the issues, especially for young people in the "invincibles" group before this bill passed.  I even said it would remain a problem unless the mandate penalties were so onerous people truly feared them.  But they aren't, and the young would rather have a new Iphone than insurance they don't think they need.

I HOPE HE ROTS IN JAIL That idiot who took police on a high speed chase from Longmont to Douglas county needs to go to jail for a LONG, LONG time.  He is a real scumbag who isn't so great at decision making.  I can't wait to see the creative defense his attorneys will employ, but it's going to be hard to argue with the video shot from the 850 KOA traffic helicopter in court.  

WE DON'T NEED MORE UNENFORCEABLE LAWS And a cell phone ban is one of those.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think you should talk on your cell phone and drive, but this isn't super effective other places.  And if cell phones are distracting, we should really ban carrying small children in your car, because they are the most distracting thing ever.

IF HICK THINKS I'M GOING TO DISAGREE WITH HIM, HE'S WRONG For once I agree with our intrepid Governor.  On what?  He said this:

“I did a crummy job last year of really opening the doors and listening and getting all the facts,” he said.

He is correct 100% on this.  The place where we disagree is that he wants you to forget out that before the next election and I'd prefer you hold him accountable for his crummy job.  Which are you inclined to do?

THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT But of course said way smarter than I could say it by Linda Gorman from the Independence Institute.  Why do we have special interest tax breaks when we should be creating a FAIR tax environment that allows all business to pay and benefit equally?  Of course we should.  Read this.

BUT SARAH PALIN IS THE STUPID ONE The stupid is VERY strong in this one.  More Sheila Jackson Lee stupidity here.  

THIS GUY DIDN'T PLAY JEOPARDY FAIR Jeopardy has been around for a REALLY long time and I'm surprised no one before Arthur Chu thought of mixing things up to create chaos.  If you haven't been watching Arthur for the last 12 days where he racked up just shy of 300 grand, you've missed a sea change of Jeopardy strategy happen.  A SEA CHANGE I tell you!  I'll explain his evil genius.

BE BOSSY INSTEAD OF BAN BOSSY Have you heard about the Ban Bossy campaign?  It's a movement asking people to stop calling girls "bossy" because young girls shy away from leadership positions because they would rather be liked than perceived as "bossy".  Irony alert: it's being spearheaded by the female COO of  Facebook.  I'm guessing being called bossy didn't affect her career climb all that much.  Banning bossy is stupid.  Take Bossy back!  

I'M SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW WALT Because his obituary, that he wrote himself, btw, is awesome. 

WHICH OF THESE IS THE WORST?  Alcohol, tobacco, pot or sugar?  You might be surprised what people said to pollsters recently.  

SHACKING UP MIGHT NOT LEAD TO DIVORCE But it really depends on how old you are when you start shacking up.  But this study conflicts with prior studies and I think that's a sign of the times we live in rather than a condemnation of this study.