IT'S DICEY ON THE DRIVE THIS MORNING With really bad fog creating all kinds of nonsense.  Be careful!

GREG BROPHY TODAY AT 7:04 He will share his thoughts on two of his competitors in the gubernatorial race deciding to sit out the pre primary debates and why he's decided not to do the same.

WANT TO HELP MAKE A STINK? There is a bill in committee to repeal the nonsensical magazine ban.  I think there is a zero percent chance this comes out of committee, as Democrats don't want to have to vote on this again.  That being said, wouldn't it be fun to create havoc by shutting down the switchboard with your calls about this?  Let's see if we can!  I would suggest focusing on the Chair of this committee, she is listed first.  Please BE NICE, BE NICE, BE NICE!  No cursing at the nice staffers who have to answer the phone, please.  Here is the phone list:

Rep. Su Ryden (Chair) - District 36
Phone: 303-866-2942

Rep. Joe Salazar (Vice-Chair) - District 31
Phone: 303-866-2918

Rep. Kathleen Conti - District 38
Phone: 303-866-2953

Rep. Tim Dore - District 64
Phone: 303-866-2398

Rep. Mike Foote - District 12
Phone: 303-866-2920

Rep. Steve Humphrey - District 48
Phone: 303-866-2943

Rep. Jeanne Labuda - District 1
Phone: 303-866-2966

Rep. Jovan Melton - District 41
Phone: 303-866-2919

Rep. Dominick Moreno - District 32
Phone: 303-866-2964

Rep. Dan Nordberg - District 14
Phone: 303-866-2965

Rep. Angela Williams - District 7
Phone: 303-866-2909


BUT THERE'S NOT EVEN ROOM FOR A TRAMPOLINE! I get it that water is a huge issue, but aren't there a few other options before government decides how big your yard is?  A bill moving out of committee in the Senate would limit the size of your yard to no more than 15% of your lot.  If you buy a huge lot, that's one big house! 

DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU WHERE THE GOOD LORD SPLIT YOU It's amazing what happens when reform candidates win elections.  In JeffCo over the weekend, the union supported Superintendent decided to take her marbles and go home (or to a new job, but whatev) early. And the Board, now full of reform minded candidates, is happy to oblige her.  But not before her union pals made such a ruckus as the meeting that they had to stop the whole thing early. 

YOU'D THINK THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE But taxpayers are about to spend 4 MILLION bucks on television ads to find the uninsured in Colorado and let them know they need to sign up for Obamacare.  Because there hasn't been enough information out there.  Let me explain this to you: we are going to spend 4 million bucks to either save people the tax hit or save the exchange, which might collapse upon itself if young people don't sign up.  

 THE GAZETTE TAKES ON ONLINE COMMENTERS I've long believed that technology advances far more quickly than our ability to handle it and it takes a while or us to "catch up".  The Gazette is finding itself in an interesting position as it is trying to deal with nasty comments in the comments section of it's online presence.  Before you roll your eyes, I want to share my thoughts on why it's okay for a newspaper to cull the comments section and why I wish more papers would do it.  And I'm thinking of banning a particularly annoying facebook commenter.  We shall discuss. 

YOUR MOVE, NFL An All-American from Missouri has come out as gay, right before he may or may not be drafted by the NFL.  I have to say what many people will wonder: why did he do this now?  Why not wait to get drafted and then come out?  Did he ruin his chances at an NFL career, and if he's not drafted, what does this say about how the NFL feels about gay men?  Lots of questions here.  

WAY TO TRY AND POLISH A TURD I told you the Democrats were going to spin the reduction in labor hours and the greatest things since sliced bread.  Check out Rep. Keith Ellison trying to tell a worker whose hours are cut because of Obamacare that it's a good thing because now they will be able to cook dinner.  Seriously.  He said it.