THE TAX FOUNDATION KNOWS TAXES And every year they produce this super nerdy book with all kinds of crazy data in that shows you exactly where your state stacks up when it comes to taxation.  It's very cool if you are thinking of moving!  But even if you're not, taxes are important, so today at 7:05 I'll speak with Lyman Stone from the Tax Foundation about what goodies you can find in this latest report.   Check it out here!

HEY, AT LEAST SHE CAN KEEP HER DOCTOR...FOR A PRICE At 8:05 Todd Shepherd with Complete Colorado joins us to talk about one woman's experience with the Colorado exchange.  While trying to shop to replace her cancelled policy, she found that she could keep her doctor!  For an exorbitant price.  Don't miss this one.

SOME THINGS WORK A LITTLE TOO WELL A Colorado mom trying to make an extremely good point about internet security or lack thereof for her 12 year old got more than she bargained for.  After the photo was shared over 3,000 times in one day, someone put the photo on a different website and things got out of control quickly.  Although I am sorry that it ended with people sending pizzas to the family's home (or old home where someone must be very confused) but WOW what a demonstration for her daughter and any other kid who deludes themselves into thinking their facebook is "private".  Not so much, kids, not so much.  

RENEWABLE ENERGY ROCKS!  OH WAIT...NOT THERE  And here I've been told all kinds of things about Aspenites love the environment.  If you base Aspen's energy policy on THAT notion you would think Aspenites would embrace hydro electric power that could further reduce their reliance on fossil fuels to power their new Teslas.  But nooooo, at least one group is being all saucy about a proposed power plant.  I say coal back to Aspen!  That would shut them up.  

NEXT TIME SOMEONE  COMPLAINS ABOUT OUR IMPERFECT JUSTICE SYSTEM Please direct your attention to Egypt, where in one fell swoop, 529 Morsi supporters were sentenced to death.   

SPEAKING OF EGYPT  Have you been paying attention to what has happened there since the coup to oust the Muslim Brotherhood from the government?  To bring you up to speed, it's like this.  Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and is trying some 1,200 members in court.  Which lead to the above story.  There will be elections soon, and the people of Egypt will decide, once again, who will run things.  In the meantime, we've halted the sale of Apache helicopters because of human rights violations.  Whose rights?  The Muslim Brotherhood, that's who.  Just to remind you, we did NOT stop military aid when the Muslim Brotherhood rewrote the Constitution to adhere more closely with Islamic law, a move which liberals in Egypt feared would lead to crackdown and...wait for it...human rights violations.  But who comes to the White House in January?  A man who lobbies for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why was he there?  Allegedly as a translator.  Because there is no one else other than the leading lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood to come to the White House to translate.  No one.  Anywhere.  But I'm sure there is nothing to see here.  By the way, did you know that at least one other Muslim country has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization?  But we have them over for tea.  

ONE GOOD DEED DESERVES A SUSPENSION A little girl got a big idea to support her friend battling cancer, so she shaved her head.  This is kind of a big deal for a 9 year old, so imagine her shock when her school told her she had to wear a wig or wait until her hair grew back to attend school.  Thankfully, the grownups seem to realize how stupid this particular zero tolerance policy is and will revisit things tonight at an executive session.  Must. Conform. 

STRAIGHT FROM THE "NO DUH" FILES Anti-fracktivists trumped up environmental concerns about fracking after last year's floods and are still pointing to those problems...which didn't gird their arguments.  Never let the facts get in the way of a good sob story, right?  Even if it's a total lie.  Why are environmentalist ever called the carpet for lying?  

THIS WILL MAKE YOU NUTS It's a new report from American Enterprise Institute on what we are paying out to career state employee retirees.  It's really a lot of money, considering what the average yearly income in the state is.  

I HOPE MICKEY HAS A GOOD LAWYER What Mickey am I referring to?  The dog Mickey who mauled a 4 year old boy who was playing in a yard.  The dog is supposed to be destroyed and animal rights advocates have gone to court to save him.  You read that right, animal rights folks have ponied up the cash for a lawyer for the dog.  

WHY BIG "A" ATHEISTS DRIVE ME NUTS Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin and he happens to be a Christian.  On his Facebook and Twitter pages, he posted a Bible quote.  And some big A atheists are pitching a fit.  A huge fit.  Because they suck.