HAD A GREAT WEEKEND WITH FRIENDS. And brought my new friend Stomach Flu with me.  It was awesome.  Sort of.  But I'm back and ready to roll.  So let's!

C.I. SHARPTON? This story by The Smoking Gun is seriously awesome.  If you've not read the sordid tale of the right good Reverend Al Sharpton and his ties to various and sordid criminals and criminal enterprises, pop some popcorn and settle in.  Although the writing is awful, the details are many.  IF this is true (and I say if because I've watched too many movies where someone is framed by the government), it is scandalous and if the Rev. Al was given the same treatment by liberals that they give conservatives, he would be banished to Siberia for his complete lack of credibility or principles.  It will be interesting to see how diligently the media sweeps this under the rug.  

THE INTERNET IS MAKING US STUPIDER...AND COMMON CORE CODIFIES IT This story from the New York Times should be a warning shot to every parent who lets a small child use a tablet.  There are studies out now that indicate how we skim and read things on the internet is actually changing our ability to comprehend what we're reading.  And the effect is not just online, it's bleeding over to novels and any other reading that requires complex thought.  Why did I drag Common Core into this?  Because instead of recognizing that reading a classic novel, as boring as that is, they are using short texts from the web to teach reading comprehension.  Put those together and you have yet another generation who can't think their way out of a box.  

YES, PASS THIS PLEASE! I hate red light cameras.  Hate. Them.  I've read enough studies on the accidents actually CAUSED by red light cameras to think they are simply a money making racket for the municipalities who employ them.  But they are BIG money makers so don't think this bill to end their reign of terror will be passed without a fight.  

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME. Not all the news is bad news.  This story out of the Springs will make you happy. 

HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO PAY FOR OTHER'S LEAVE TIME? The bill that may or may not be working it's way through the Legislature is very well-intentioned.  And it will be sold as a compassion way to help low income workers.  However, it comes with a price tag for every worker in the state.  So?  What are you willing to pay?

QUICK, WHAT DO YOU SPEND THE MOST ON? I'll give you four answers to choose from: food, clothing, housing or taxes?  What if I told you that you spend more on one of those things than the other 3 COMBINED?  Would that help?  It should, and the fact I just shared should tick you off.  

I SURE WISH SMUG LIBS WOULD READ THIS It's a thing to hurl the invective, "what's your source, Fox News?" in the world of smug liberals and I will henceforth refer them to this article.  It does a nice job uncovering just HOW fair and balanced Fox really is.  Unlike many of their trailing competitors.  

THIS IS THE BEST CAMPAIGN AD YET And well done to the Brophy campaign for going this route.  Watch it and enjoy. 


AS TEMPTING AS IT IS TO BELIEVE, NO SELFITIS IS NOT A REAL THING Did you hear the news story that the American Psychiatry Association declared the compulsive taking of selfies to be a mental disorder?  It's a hoax.  But I found it to be completely plausible when I heard it too.  It already has a name though, it's called "narcissism".  

JEB BUSH IS NOT MY HOMEBOY ANYMORE Jeb Bush as an excellent Governor for the State of Florida.  He righted the ship in education and put the state on good financial footing.  When he left office, I would have happily voted for him for President.  But since he started pimping Common Core as the answer to all problems he lost me.  And this weekend he threw the gauntlet down on immigration and I'm not picking it up. What did he say?  I'll play it for you.