IT'S KIND OF A BIG DEAL DOCUMENT, ISN'T IT? Amending the state constitution should be a big deal too then.  A bill is making it's way through the Legislature that would increase the number of signatures needed to get it on the ballot and require a 2/3 majority to pass.  I like these ideas.  A lot.  I'll explain why today.  Have you read the Colorado Constitution?  It's very long.  Click here to read it.

SO NOW DRIVING AN SUV MAKES YOU A SLAVE OWNER That's not QUITE what was said by an anti fracktivist during a recent forum, but that's what he MEANT.  See, he believes that the oil and gas industry have a "moral problem" much like slavery had.  That's right, if you use oil or gas, in this guy's eyes, you are practically out back beating your slaves.  If this is where things are going, it's time to really whip their asses.  See what I did there? 

POLITICS ARE BAD!  EXCEPT WHEN WE DO IT The Jefferson county education labor union sure does love to talk out of both sides of it's mouth.  One the one hand, they decry people who try to make the non-partisan school board election GASP political!  On the other hand, they donate a crapload of money to Democrats.  And only Democrats.  Then there is the way they demand the Board be transparent, as they also demand mediation which takes contract negotiations out of the public view.  Hypocrites.  

TAKE THAT, NEW STINKING JERSEY I told you yesterday how I felt about stupid Governor Chris Christie and his bash on Colorado when asked about legalizing pot in New Jersey.  I'm not the only one who responded strongly.  In a crack back I agree with, Hick busted out some rather flattering stats pertaining to Colorado v. New Jersey.  I think I know why Christie is so anti-legalization.  He doesn't want to put his mobster friends out of business.  

AND LET THE ATTACK BEGIN IN EARNEST Senator Mark Udall is skeered.  How do I know?  Because his first ad attacking Corey Gardner is all about lady parts and abortion and birth control.  Because he has NOTHING else to talk about. 

SO IF XCEL CAN'T CONVINCE US TO DO WHAT THE GOVERNMENT WANTS, WE HAVE TO PAY? That appears to be what I'm reading here, but see if you can decipher it. 

BUT WHAT ABOUT PRE-TAX INCOME COMPARISONS? Now that Paul Krugman is going to be pimping the Luxembourg Income thingy expect to see MANY more stories like this one in the NYTimes.  You can read this whole thing but I'll save the trouble.  They compared AFTER TAX incomes around the world and the US has lost it's dominance in the middle class.  But why not compare PRE TAX income?  Then we might begin to see what the problem is.  

SHOULD WE HAVE TO FOOT THE BILL FOR POT ENFORCEMENT ELSEWHERE? Nebraska isn't too happy with Colorado right now as they deal with an increase (can anyone find the numbers on that?) in pot traffic through Nebraska.  This is an interesting problem that we need to pay attention to, as this is the sort of thing that gives the feds a reason to get involved.   

THINK BEFORE YOU INK A man awaiting trial in Kansas is making an odd request. He wants to be able to take a few day trips to the tattoo parlor before his trial.  Why?  He wants to remove the giant MURDER tattoo from his neck.  Before his trial for murder.  This was a whole lot of bad decision making on his part finally coming back to bite him.

HOW MANY OF THESE DO YOU DO? I think people are losing manners.  This quick list from Huffington Post is a great starter list of the ways people suck more now than before.  What other bits of rudeness do you have to endure on a daily basis?

SOMETIMES A PICTURE SAYS IT ALL When someone tells you President Obama has saved the economy, please show them this graph of two recoveries: The Reagan recovery and the Obama recovery.  And lest you think Obama had a tougher row to hoe, the economy was WORSE when Carter left office.  Funny, but I don't remember Reagan ever blaming Carter.  Shoot, I don't remember Reagan even MENTIONING Carter.