IS THE NEW QUINNIPIAC POLL ACCURATE? OR.... I took the latest Quinnipiac poll a couple of weeks ago.  It was really, really long and some of the results have already been released.  The latest results center on the marijuana.  Specifically, how the new pot laws are affecting your average run-of-the-mill Coloradoans.  The poll says Coloradoans think the legalization of pot has been bad for our image. I say nonsense.  We're all just looking at it wrong.  But don't get too caught up in the results of this poll, because people don't always tell the truth about vice activity.  I know I didn't.  What?  I lied to the pollster?  You bet.  And I think I'm not the only one.


I'M TRYING TO GET ALL MAD ABOUT THIS BUT...WHY? President Obama has decided to delay part of Obamacare for another year.  Is this outrageous?  Sure, if you think there are limits on Presidential power or a system of checks and balances put in place to prevent this sort of thing.  Am I outraged?  Meh.  Why bother ginning up some real anger and frustration when the cowards in Congress can't be bothered to do anything about it?  I'm beginning to understand why apathy is so appealing.  It requires very little effort and almost no outrage. 


SO OUR DEAL WITH IRAN SEEMS TO BE GOING WELL There are three components needed for a nation to have a nuclear weapon: 1) Weapons-grade fissile material, 2) a device capable of initiating a nuclear explosion, and 3) a delivery vehicle.  We don't know, and neither does the IAEA with any real certainty, exactly how much enriched plutonium or uranium the Iranians actually have.  So they may well already have this component.  The bomb itself is the easiest part of the equation.  The delivery vehicle may be tricky, but it seems the Iranians have been working hard on developing long-range missiles.  I'm sure nothing could go wrong here. On a related note I found this super cool one sheet on the Iranian nuclear and missile program.  Read it and learn, I did.  Oh and by the way, this.


COLOR ME SHOCKED THIS FAILED IN COMMITTEE Of course I'm being facetious when I say that.  The magazine repeal failed to make it out of committee on a party line vote where Democrats killed it.  I sure hope voters remember this on election day.  These Democrats don't give a crap what The People think, period.  


SO WHY ARE THEY SUNIG AGAIN? We all know the education labor unions do not want to have to implement anything that looks like accountability, but at least in Colorado they've had the chance to weigh in on the process.  From the outside looking in, it seems that Colorado did the right thing by asking actual educators to work with the state to come up with a system of evaluation that teachers and administrators can be comfortable with, including a year of evaluation that essentially doesn't count.  The union needs to be very careful before trashing folks who want this, because MOST people do.  


'LIMPICS!  So I've been watching the games (one day behind so I don't have to sit through the blather) and one thing I've noticed is empty seats.  LOTS of empty seats.  At the finals of the ski jumping, there were a handful of seats TAKEN.  This story may explain why things aren't going to well with ticketing.  This entire venture is truly an example of how a market economy works better than central planning.  


NATURE AT THE ZOO IS APPARENTLY A BAD THING By now you've probably heard the story about the Danish zoo who, by law, had to euthanize a young giraffe who may have been inbred.  Rather than doing the whole thing out of the public eye, the zoo privately euthanized the giraffe, then did an autopsy in front of a group of spectators, including kids, who signed up to watch.  They then fed a large part of said giraffe to the lions.  And now they are getting death threats.  Don't blame the zoo, blame the government who passed the law that got the giraffe killed in the first place.  Just saying.


JUST CAUSE IT'S THE 'LIMPICS AND STUFF A little patriotism from my former state of Kentucky.   

CHECK OUT THIS DOCUMENTARY ON MISSILE DEFENSE It's very good and will quickly help you understand why missile defense is not only necessary, but could bring a more egalitarian world.  Check it out here.