JUST TO KICK OFF YOUR DAY RIGHT. I present two Weird Al videos.  Because they are that good.  


NOT ALL ARABS HEART HAMAS But damn, they all hate Israel.  This is a very interesting website that covers Arab media.  I'm going to have to assume they are giving accurate translations, and if so, there are definitely things to be learned.  Arabs are sick of Hamas, sick of the Palestinians being so pathetic and unable to take care of themselves while provoking Israel.  This has given me an entirely different perspective.  I shall discuss.

I HAVE AN IMPRESSION REQUEST An astute listener noticed while watching the fired Executive Editor of the New York Times Jill Abramson how much she sounds like my liberal voice.  I think I can master her long drawn out style.  I'll focus group it on the show.

SEXY PICTURES MEAN YOU AREN'T TAKEN SERIOUSLY Let's face it, social media is full of double standards.  It is what it is.  But at least people are starting to study exactly how large those double standards are.  This study found that a woman who posted sexy pictures on social media was viewed as less competent than the SAME woman who posted conservative pictures of herself.  Fair?  No.  Life?  Yes. 

AND NOW THE AIR IS IN THE POLITICAL FOOTBALL I told you about Mark Udall's bill to overturn the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision.  I also told you it had no chance of passing and was simply designed from the get go to be used for political purposes.  This WaPo article pretty much backs me up without trying

UDALL WANTS IT BOTH WAYS The same Senator who has voted, repeatedly, to stop the Keystone XL pipeline is now coming out strongly against Jared Polis anti-fracking bill.  Huh?  Does anyone know what Mark Udall really thinks about energy?  Should we call Tom Steyer and ask him?  

DID YOU HEAR THE STORY ABOUT THE KIDS IN THE CAR? This one was in Texas and a video was all over the internet showing people smashing the car window to get the kids out.  The mom was called everything but a child of God because the story was she left the kids to go get a haircut.  Not true.  The rest of the story is here and it's something that could have happened to any of us.  This kind of reminds me of the KFC story in that we are always ready to believe the WORST about other people.  

BEST CAMPAIGN AD EVER From my former home state of Kentucky, there is a group running an anti-campaign campaign.  And it's hilarious.  


I'VE KNOWN HE WAS AN IDIOT FOR YEARS And now Princeton has quietly pulled the rug out from under Paul Krugman, who limps off campus.  Let's see if the New York Times has the stones to admit the man is an idiot and a fraud who is wrong so often it's more remarkable when he's right.  Maroon. 

WE DON'T LIKE ATHEISTS And I can't imagine why.  Of course when I refer to Big "A" Atheists, I loathe them.  Small "a" atheists just want to be left alone.  But the Big As must be disappointed to realize not many people like them.  Not surprisingly, we don't like Muslims either.  I guess we don't care much for people who attack us, which Atheists and Muslims both do.  One with lawsuits, the other with airplanes.  

JUST CHILDREN WHO WANT A BETTER LIFE...WHO ARE GANG MEMBERS This is some interesting stuff coming out of a Nogales, Texas holding facility where the innocent youth breaking into the country are being housed.  Gang members, who are open about their gang affiliation, are using the center as a recruiting venue.  But I'm sure nothing could go wrong here.

DEAR CONGRESS, STOP NIBBLING AROUND THE EDGES Congress is incredibly self important.  How do I know?  Because they could solve a whole bunch of problems just by taking marijuana of the schedule of narcotics.  It's not the same as cocaine and heroine and should not be treated the same.  But instead, they are going to pass stupid piecemeal bills that will allow pot stores to bank when they could clear the field for true state regulation by taking marijuana off the schedule.  But then they would lose power to wield and we all know that won't work.

DOES IT MATTER IF TWITTER'S EMPLOYEES ARE WHITE? Jesse Jackson thinks so, as he is shaking down Twitter to force them release the demographic breakdown of the Twitter workforce.  He's doing it so he can extort them and not change anything.  When are companies going to wake up and realize if they just stop paying him, he will be forced to go away and harass someone else?