JOIN THE DENVER NICE CLUB! After a conversation earlier this week about whether or not Denver is a nice and friendly city, I had a brainstorm.  The Denver Nice Club has been born and the facebook page is up!  Click here to like the page and then get to posting nice things that have happened in your day.  Spread the nice!  


AND ON TO STUPID QUESTIONS I have a few.  For instance, why does organic milk last so much longer than regular milk?  Or why is Aurora the "All America City" instead of "All American City"?  I need answers and I think you all have questions too.  Let's make some stuff up.

9% SEEMS KIND OF HIGH Just kidding, I'm going to take this survey at face value.  CU did a survey on political affiliation or something and found out just 9% of professors identify as Republicans.  But on the flip side, only 41.9% identify as Democrats.  I think a better survey might have dug a bit deeper into political philosophy rather than party affiliation, but whatev, they are the super smart academicians.  So now what, CU?

SPEAKING OF POLITICAL IDEOLOGY The Pew Research Center has come up with a few new categories to drill down a bit deeper into true ideology.  This is super nerdy, but very cool and I think much more accurate than the survey above.  Even within parties there are divisions.  However the survey asking you what you doesn't ask enough questions on enough issues.  But that's just me.

FORGET THE NANNY STATE, WE ARE ENTERING THE NAGGING STATE Did you happen to see this story about how hospitals are going to data mine credit card receipts to see what you're buying so they can identify risk behaviors and nag you reach out to you about fixing them?  This should be awesome. 

LINES FOR PANTS IN VENEZUELA...YAY SOCIALISM!  In addition to waiting in line for basic goods like toilet paper and food, now Venezuelans are waiting in line for clothing.  As the price controls in force by the government drive foreign business out the country, there is little to buy.  That's so funny, because here in the capitalist pig society, I just bought two pairs of pants off the internet.  Because I can. 

SHOOTERS IN RIFLE I smell a field trip coming on!  There is a little town called Rifle and it now has a restaurant called Shooters, where everyone is armed.  I like this and think it's clever and a great marketing bit as well.  I wonder if the food is any good?

SO WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS? There are 300,000 people in Colorado who are registered to vote two places.  I may be one of them.  However, in my defense, I assumed that when I registered to vote here, it would cancel out my registration in Kentucky.  Am I wrong?  Was I supposed to do something?  Because if I was, no one told me.  This is just another example of how messy and archaic our system of voter registration really is.