I'M OVER THE EXCESSIVE OUTRAGE ON THE SCOTUS DECISION I'm sure there were a lot of conservatives who lost their minds when SCOTUS affirmed Obamacare (a decision I still think is a loser, but hey, you win some, you lose some), but I don't remember the downright nastiness and vitriol I've seen from some on this issue.  I might actually lose friends over this it seems.  And not from my end, from theirs.  It's a sad state of affairs when one can't separate a friend's differing opinions from the friendship itself.  Freedom is messy.  It is imperfect.  It is occasionally frustrating.  However it is the best option for those who wish to live as they please, whether that is on a commune or piling up wealth and things.  Like it or not, this case was about a freedom not only endowed by our Creator and ensconced in our Founding document.  It's right there with your right to say vile, nasty and awful things about people who disagree with you.  Look it up.  I wish those friends well in their government run utopias because freedom seems to be more than they can handle.  This column actually says it better than I ever could.  

WELL ISN'T THIS INTERESTING The Governor's race is tight.  Very tight.  And the polling data done here was before Bob Beauprez picked a lady to be his running mate.  Now is a great time to be a Republican woman, because the whole "war on women" thing can be neutralized somewhat by pointing out that women are important part of the party.  Is that why Bob Beauprez picked Jill Repella to run as his Lt. Governor?  I betcha it's at least part of it, but she does seem to be qualified for the job.  And she's easy on the eyes.  Which is why progressives will hate her and dismiss her as a mashed up bag of meat with lipstick.  This should be super fun to watch! 

I GET A GOOD DEFENSE AND ALL BUT THIS? Should the attorneys for James Holmes be writing letters to survivors of the massacre he allegedly committed trying to get them on board to oppose the death penalty.  So yeah, that seems to be happening. 

DOES THE POT INDUSTRY DESERVE RESPECT? An industry activist says Michael Hancock not only doesn't respect the industry which is bringing in a ton of tax money, she says Hancock and Hickenlooper's treatment has been "beyond insulting".  Considering this a legal industry, one which seems to be operating completely within the laws set up to regulate it, does she have a point?  Will pot always be the red headed step child here? 

THEY HAVE A HOME, IT'S JUST AN INCONVENIENT ONE Boulder is dealing with a real world issue when it comes to homelessness and business colliding.  It seems since Boulder banned smoking in huge swaths of the downtown area the homeless are congregating right next to Boulder creek and causing problems for the business owners in the area.  The quotes in this story really give you a window into the world of Boulder though.  Some are honest, and some are worried they won't look compassionate enough.  

THE INVADERS BRING DISEASE! This column by Todd Starnes tells a rather frightening tale of what's happening at the refugee centers being set up for the people crossing the border illegally.  Medical staff are being threatened if they share about the medical conditions being brought here with those people.  This surely isn't good. 

THIS IS A VERY DISAPPOINTING TREND Is government 20% more corrupt than it was in 2006?  If not, why do people think it is?  The disappointing part to me is, why would we put up with something that is THIS corrupt?  Where are the pitchforks?

OBAMA WORST PRESIDENT EVER.  IT'S OFFICIAL. This polling data must upset the progs.  President Obama sucks worse than GWBush.  And it's not just me.