ABORTION IS A LOSER TOPIC Not in real life, but on the radio.  It's a place where people are so entrenched that there is no room for discussion. On top of that, my own feelings about abortion are muddled and contradictory, which disappoints both sides of the debate and ends up with fingers being pointed at me by both sides for my wishy washiness.  But this news story has to be discussed.  And today I will try to weave my tangled web about abortion, it's legality and the move to normalize it by events like this. 

IF YOU'VE NOT WATCHED THE 60 MINUTES BENGHAZI STORY Watch it now by clicking on this link.  It's 15 minute that every American should watch, but if you're looking for the words "Secretary of State" or "President Obama" you won't find either of them.  Nonetheless, it's the most damning account of what happened I've seen yet. 

HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I HATE AUTO START ON WEBSITES??? This is something that makes me crazy and I don't understand the logic of it.  Unless of course we, as a people, are like stupid sheep who will watch whatever auto starts even if we don't give a crap about it?  Nevermind, I might have answered my own question. 

GUESS WHAT?  WE DON'T BELIEVE THE SAME THINGS An ABC News poll finds deep divisions in how Americans view big topics.  But don't have a cow yet, when you hear the questions they asked, it is apparent what the "correct" answers are.  

WHAT??? THIS IS SHOCKING!  (AND THAT IS SARCASM) The Colorado Health exchange board is frustrated more people haven't signed up for insurance.  They wonder what's gone wrong.  I'd be happy to tell them, but if they cared about opposing views we wouldn't have this monstrosity. 

WHAT IS MAYOR BLOOMBERG'S FASCINATION WITH COLORADO?  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is the mayor of New York City, not Denver, is sticking his nose into the Amendment 66 fight.  Bill Gates is too, but at least that's consistent with his work meddling in education.  Why is Mayor Bloomberg so hell bent on buying forcing his way in Coloradoans?  Is it not enough that he's created the ultimate nanny state is what used to be a tough place to live?  This makes me want to vote against Amendment 66 again.  

OBAMA LIES, #59475 What did he lie about this time?  Oh just that whole "if you like your insurance you can keep it" thing he said repeatedly.  How do I know it's a lie?  Because people in the Administration working on the regs knew that roughly half of the people in the individual insurance market would lose those policies because they didn't cover what the administration thinks they should cover and thusly don't qualify under Obamacare.  But he won't be held accountable because...well...OBAMA!   

JUST BECAUSE I don't often get to do a story involving pepper spray and monkey theft, I thought I'd include this little nugget today

IT'S NOT A LIE, IF YOU BELIEVE IT I often use that George Castanza line and now I know it's true.  At least according to a study about whether or not good looking people make us stupid.  By the way, telling the truth wins out again.  

GET MARRIED TO SAVE THE ECONOMY! Would the economy do better if we were all married?  This survey says yes.  Even more than that, how would we be doing socially if more people got married?  

MEN STARE AT BOOBS Yes, there was an actual study for this too.  Where is all this study money coming from?  I'm in the wrong business.  Why did we need this study?  I could have told them yes right away.