IT'S TIME FOR THE WESTERN CONSERVATIVE SUMMIT! And today at 8:05 I'll chat with John Andrews of the Centennial Institute about what you can expect from the summit and it's awesome slate of speakers!  Find out more about the Western Conservative Summit.

JOHN LOTT KNOWS ABOUT GUNS AND CRIME He's been writing and studying the issue for decades and his latest study on the impact of increasing Concealed Carry Permits on crime rates.  Check the study here and then listen up at 7:05 for an interview. Find the Crime Prevention Research Center here.

YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY PEOPLE OF FAITH ARE LEERY OF GAY MARRIAGE? This story is a perfect example.  A young woman who signed a lifestyle pledge to attend a Pentecostal university is now all frosty because they kicked her out because she violated the pledge by marrying another woman.  Does anyone else see a problem here?  I feel a lawsuit coming. 

I HEART MILLENIALS And this article breaking down recent polling data shows that for all their bravado, they really need help with economics.  They have strong opinions, but they aren't necessarily based in reality.  But what I see is an opportunity.  I'll explain.

LOCAL CONTROL SHOULD ENTHUSE LOCAL PEOPLE, RIGHT? Only a really expansive fracking ban measure about local control has already given up on getting enough signatures to make the ballot.  Why is this special?  Colorado Peak Politics explains why very nicely here.

REMEMBER LOIS LERNER AND THE IRS? Stephen Hayes at the Weekly Standard certainly hasn't forgotten her and puts a super nifty timeline of corruption together here.

DO YOU WANT TO EXPAND GAMING? Then expand it, but please don't buy this garbage that all this gambling money is going to FLOOD in for education.  The gambling ship has sailed and we missed it.  What do I mean?  Everyone has it now, it's not special and it will make money for the gambling purveyors but certainly not make the kind of money for the state that's being dangled here.  Stop saying it's for the children.  It's not, and that's okay.  Just be honest.  Don't believe me?  Look what's happening in Atlantic City.

I SWEAR I THOUGHT THIS WAS FROM THE ONION And yet, no.  The Department of Justice is investigating.  What are they investigating?  Not the IRS scandal, not the VA scandal, nope.  The DoJ is investigating a parade float in Nebraska. 

SO THIS IS A THING NOW Before you click the clicky, just remember, there are things you can't unsee

WHY GOVERNMENT SUCKS AT RUNNING STUFF Read this article in the Denver Post about how badly organized the Colorado Health Exchange is organized and take comfort in knowing YOUR money is paying for that.  They have no idea who is buying their product, how long it takes to make a sale, and yet they are planning on spending millions to court people who may or may not already be their customers.  Perfect.  

I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE START TO WISE UP Remember the lady who said Obama was going to pay her mortgage and her gas?  She's had a rather rude wake up call.  This is from Joel Gilbert's new movie I'm going to be talking to today at 9:05.  Find out more about the movie by clicking here!