IS THERE ANYTHING MORE ANNOYING THAN A SUMMER COLD? The answer is no, so just move along.

LOIS LERNER CAUTIONED EMPLOYEES TO WATCH WHAT THEY SAY IN EMAIL But I'm sure it's a total coincidence that her earlier emails were lost.  Nothing to see here, just move along.

THE DEATH TRAIN DERAILS A train used by migrants hoping to break into the United States derailed in Mexico earlier this week.  1,300 potential Democrat voters were on the train but no serious injuries were reported.  Why is it a "death train"?  I'll explain today. 

WOULD YOU GO LIVE ON MARS? Not in a pie-in-the-sky sort of question asking way, for real.  One Denver woman says yes. 

JAKE TAPPER PWNED THIS LADY This video exchange between Jake Tapper and a Palestinian apologist gives a clear picture of how Hamas is trying to sell blatant lies in order to demonize Israel.  I have to give it to Jake Tapper, he doesn't put up with her crap.  And the next time you hear about Palestinian civilians being killed, keep in mind that it is the strategy of Hamas to put civilians in harm's way.  

DAMN GLOBAL WARMING It's gonna be cold on the east coast this week. And I'm sure it's global warming's fault.  

DEAR MR. MONFORT Perhaps someone else on your staff should answer disgruntled fan emails.  Because it isn't a great part of your skill set apparently.  Another email exchange makes the news.

HOW FUN IS THIS?  And to benefit a great cause like the Tennyson Center to boot.  Go run with the "bulls"! 

HAZING?  REALLY? I don't understand hazing.  I get that some people are insecure and mean and they want to haze someone they view as below them on the food chain.  What I don't get is how adults let this happen.  Five coaches resigned because two of them didn't do anything to stop it

HOLY COW, GO CORY GARDNER The fundraising numbers are in and Cory Gardner is raking in the dough to mount his campaign to unseat Udall.  And this doesn't even count the cajillion dollars that will be spent by outside sources.  Do you think Udall is booking a moving truck in DC yet?  

I'M HEADING TO THE SPRINGS...ON HORSE BACK Because there are no roads there.  Michael Bloomberg is an ahole.  Period. Thankfully, the Independence Institute is investigating. 

THE WORD NERD IN ME LOVES THIS If you want to sound smart, you should probably know what words really mean.  Read some commonly misused words here.  And yes, I've used some of these all kinds of wrong.