FOR NO REASON, OTHER THAN I DECLARED IT SO After yesterday, I am done talking about what's happening in Israel for a day or so.  

A FOLLOW UP TO AN UNFLATTERING STORY ABOUT DPD A blogger for Geekwire came to town and decided to take UberX back to the airport.  He wrote about the bizarro world experience he had when his car was pulled over by a DPD officer here.  Chief Robert White responded via Twitter with a message that actually surprised me.  I'll discuss today.  

SMOKING IS BAD, K? A jury in Florida gave a CRAZY punitive award to the widow of a man who died at 36.  Seeing as he died in 1996, I am not feeling very good about this case.  Not that it will stand anyway.  At what point do people have to be responsible for their own choices? 

HOW FAIRNESS HURTS THE POOR In an effort to make some of New York City's most elite high schools more "fair", young Asians who work their butts off to get into those schools are going to miss out to make room for people of other ethnic backgrounds who aren't doing the work.  But it will be fair. 

HEY, LET'S HOUSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN WITH TROUBLED KIDS! I'm sure this will go just fine.  It's likely going to happen at a facility "in the middle of nowhere" which isn't a bad thing.  I love this line in the story though:

Sallinger learned a program based in Arapahoe County called “Rite of Passage” has been in discussions with the Office of Refugee Resettlement of the federal government over the possibility of bringing dozens of unaccompanied minors now huddled at the U.S. and Mexico border to Colorado.

Huddled at the border?  Really CBS4?  Huddled?  

JONAH GOLDBERG IS THE MAN IF you don't subscribe to The G File At National Review online, do so immediately.  Just go here and put your email in the little box on the right. It's free, and it's written by one of the smartest guys around, Jonah Goldberg.  Last Friday's G File has been finagling around in my head, and his column today expands on the thoughts he put forth there.  It's really a challenge to conservatives to approach change differently.  We shall discuss. 

COULD THIS BE MY DREAM COME TRUE? Elizabeth Warren is now the official darling of the Left.  They want, nee, NEED her to be the nominee because she checks the right boxes (she has a vajayjay!) and no one REALLY wants Hillary because she's old news and stuff.  According to this article and my own eyes, Elizabeth Warren would be the most liberal nominee EVER.  EVER.  Is it wrong to hope for a Rand Paul-Liz Warren showdown?  Liberty vs. Statism?  Oh please, oh please oh please.  

SPEAKING OF RAND PAUL He's been in the Silicon Valley chatting up techies and they LIKE him.  My brand of conservatarianism is spreading!  This is not good for Dems who have become accustomed to scooping up tech dollars.  But very good for the prospects for my above post.  The GOP would do well to pay close attention.

HOW IRRELEVANT CAN THE NAACP MAKE ITSELF? The answer is totally irrelevant when I see stupidity like this.  In Detroit, a cajillion people haven't paid their water bills, so the city has been cutting off water service.  The way it is for thousands of Americans every day who don't pay their water bill.  The NAACP however, sees the shutoffs as racially motivated.  Because expecting people of color to pay their bills is racist and stuff.  

SO THE FIVE I GOT LAST NIGHT IS WRONG? How much do you sleep?  Scientists are closing in on the Holy Grail number of hours you really need for peak performance.  They seem to be settling near 7 hours a night. Who gets 7 hours a night?  Not people who do a morning show, that's not who. 

AND JUST FOR FUN I'm in love with Weird Al's new album, and I've not even heard it all yet.  This song is a parody of one of my favorite bands called Southern Culture on the Skids.  So enjoy.