OBAMACARE SUBSIDIES STRUCK DOWN...OR NOT Yesterday was a big day for Obamacare subsidies, as one court struck down the legality of healthcare.gov subsidies and another one upheld them.  This means the issue will go the Supreme Court, probably this fall.  If the subsidies are struck down, the entire house of cards comes down.  If they are upheld, same old, same old.  

AND THE SYSTEM IS RIFE FOR FRAUD A sting investigation on how easy it is for fake applicants to game healthcare.gov found out the answer is VERY easy.  You have to read the details of how 11 of 12 fake applicants managed to get subsidized insurance from healthcare.gov.  It is unbelievable.  

ALL THE BOOZE WITHOUT ALL THAT PESKY DRIVING There's a new app in town: Drizly.  They deliver booze to your door.  That is all.

HOW HAPPY ARE YOU? According a REALLY detailed study on happiness, Coloradans are pretty darn happy.  Check out this map of where we are happy and where we are not. 

Isn't it odd that that most places in the Deep South are happiest even when they tend to be poorer?  And some of the unhappiest places are those where government is the biggest pain in the ass?  Just found that interesting.

CAN I SUE THE GUYS WHO DID THIS? Taxpayers are on the hook for 3.25 million bucks because an inmate was horribly abused by jail personnel.  It's not that I don't think this guy deserves it, but why are WE paying bill?  I think we should sue the idiots who did it to get the money back.  Although I'm guessing a guard probably doesn't have that kind of cash.  

STOPPING BACKING THE COPS? This is the article that makes the argument that blanket support of law enforcement isn't good.  And it makes some good points.

I WISH PAT BOWLEN AND HIS FAMILY ALL THE BEST An Alzheimer's diagnosis is devastating.  This disease has no respect for money or power.  What a loss for Bronco fans.  What a great team owner.  

IT'S TIME TO RESIGN, SHERIFF More nonsense from the El Paso County Sheriff's office, this time about an account that has one million dollars in it that no one in the Treasurer's office knew about.  This is not good.  This is the opposite of good.  

SECRET MONEY IS BAD!  UNLESS WE DO IT. Harry Reid has an obsession with the Koch Brothers and their money in politics, but he may want to dial that back after hearing this story. Who gives more to those shadowy PACs?  Democrats, that's who.  Neener neener!

DOES IT MATTER THAT OUR NEW SHERIFF HAS A RECORD? A record from many, many years ago, but a record nonetheless.  Should a crime (he says his crime was lying to a judge about having car insurance after an accident) prevent someone from a law enforcement leadership position over a decade later?  In most cases I'd say no, but in this case, it might matter.  And it has nothing to do with the interim sheriff as a guy, but the sheriff's department as a whole at this moment in time. 

LOIS LERNER'S HARD DRIVE: PART #5984 The news about Lois Lerner's hard drive is now that the data on the drive, which you remember was "recycled" by the IRS WAS recoverable.  It just wasn't.  My favorite line in this post is this:

We’re getting closer to the inevitable comic finale of this charade, when video emerges of Lerner beating her hard drive with a hammer and House Democrats still end up arguing that Republicans are jumping to conclusions.

That just made me laugh this morning.

IS THAT WHERE I LEFT THOSE WEAPONS? The wonderful loving Hamas jokers accidentally left MORE weapons in a UN School.  I'm sure it was an oversight.  Let's see if the UN gives them back to the PA so they can make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands.  Again. 

IF A JURY AWARDS HIM A DIME, THEY SHOULD BE SLAPPED. Criminals suing the people they were trying to victimize is a thing now.  One shoplifter was successful and now an armed robber is trying the same thing.  How any self respecting attorney could take this case is beyond me and makes me sad for attorneys who do their jobs with dignity.  

WHAT ARE WE BEING PROTECTED AGAINST WITH THIS LAW? The nanny staters are in full effect with this one.  Communities are passing laws dealing with e-cigs.  E-cig smokers aren't exhaling any of the stuff that we are constantly told is going to kill us, so why do this?  Anyone?