WHY SHOULD INEFFECTIVE TEACHERS GET A RAISE? They shouldn't according to a vote at the JeffCo School Board meeting last night.  This after a third party found the current teacher evaluation system "lacks sufficient validity and reliability as a basis for setting salaries."  They recommended that JeffCo work on it's evaluation system for another year and then tie raises to it.  Trust me, that won't matter one bit.  Just ask DougCo.  Whatever the evaluation system is, even if teachers come up with it themselves, won't be sufficient for the teacher's union.  Trust me on this.  Ken Witt joins me at 8:05 to discuss it at length.

I HOPE YOU HEARD MIKE DUNAFON YESTERDAY I want to talk about 3rd party candidates today.  Truthfully, I share a lot of the same beliefs as Mike.  Are we ever going to give a third party a chance?  

DOES MARK UDALL SUPPORT A CARBON TAX? Because his wife sure as hell does.  Isn't amazing that all these super rich people are begging to raise taxes on everything we poor schmoes can't live without?  By the way, you want to know why environmentalists get all pissy when you talk about how much the sun affect the climate?  Because they can't tax the sun.

THIS IS JUST COOL Ever heard of the sailing stones of the Death Valley?  They figured out how they sail and it's super cool.  

WE HAVE NO STRATEGY FOR ISIS At least that's what the POTUS said yesterday.  On one hand, I totally agree that we need to have a coherent strategy on what we are going to do and what we hope to accomplish.  However, I would have preferred that the President not admit it at a press conference.  Once again, we seem weak and incompetent.  Or rather, Obama does, and we do by default.  And WTF with the tan suit?  

JIMMY CARTER LOVES TERRORISTS! He's headlining a fundraiser for a group widely thought to be a front group for Hamas.  He loves terrorists!  

THE MOST CORRUPT JUSTICE DEPARTMENT EVER. We are used to Democrats using unions to funnel money around from the government back into Democrat coffers as campaign donations. (See ARRA for example) but this is beyond the pale.  The DoJ, headed by race hustler Eric Holder, is funneling money to liberal organizations, ALL of which support Democrats, from the settlement from Bank of America over mortgage issues.  This is wrong, and corrupt, and no one will pay any attention to it. 

 BOULDER IS A LILY WHITE LIBERAL ENCLAVE This story makes me laugh.  Because Boulder prides itself on it's tolerance when everyone is rich, white and liberal.