SO WHO IS GONNA FOOT THE BILL? I know a lot of people who are very concerned about government spending because of what it's doing to our debt NOW.  But when you dig down into last Friday's unemployment numbers, a troubling trend continues.  There are more workers of working age NOT working than anytime in history. The labor force participation rate continues to drop and that is not good for a country that keeps adding more entitlements to the landscape.  If fewer people work, who will pay the bills?  The burden on workers for Social Security is about to explode, and who will foot that bill?  More people are relying on government for handouts (subsidies for healthcare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc) and fewer people are willing or able to pay for it.  How quickly does this get out of hand?  

I HAVE A NEW STRANGE CALM ABOUT BENGHAZI And it's not because I think it's because all of sudden liberals who have supported this President are going to think it's important.  Because they won't.  They don't care.  But something has happened because of this administration's reliance on a stupid cover story to hide their own policy failures.  They've lost the trust of  a lot of their base.  And if the GOP is able to not just position themselves as lovers of liberty, but mean it, there is a chance we can save the country.  But if you aren't calm like I am, feel free to read this column about when this stupid lie started in the first place.  

HOLY COW, HOW ABOUT THIS STORY A woman reported missing at the end of April was found in the wreckage of her own car.  I sure hope she survives, this is an amazing thing to have found her alive!

SO WE SHOULD PROBABLY SCRATCH THIS FROM THE ARGUMENT, EH? Remember that study that is being touted by anti-fractivists about birth defects and oil and gas fracking?  It's totally, absolutely, utterly wrong.  Now the state of Colorado says no such link exists.  None.  At all.  Period.  

THIS IS WHAT TWITTER DOES TO "HAVING A FEW FRIENDS OVER" Over $70,000 worth of damage was done to an unfinished mansion in Canada when the word got out via social media.  The cops showed up to over 2,000 kids milling all over the house.  What tipped them off?  The twitter handle #mansionparty was trending in their area.  

DO BOYS NEED MALE TEACHERS?  I say yes, as I have seen the power of a great male teacher for a teenage boy. So where are the teachers of the male gender in Colorado?  And are they considered a minority?  Why do I ask?  Because there is a $50,000 study coming to find ways to recruit and retain minority teachers.  Will that include men?  This is a very interesting article about that very subject. 

WILL YOU MARRY ME? WHO SHOULD POP THE QUESTION? Marriage and the women's movement have a very dicey relationship.  The early drivers of feminism HATED the notion of marriage, the viewed it as modern day slavery where women were treated like possessions rather than people.  So is it any surprise that even though we like the idea of women proposing IN THEORY, in reality, it does't happen.  Not very often anyway.  Have we come a long way, baby?

IS THIS SOP FOR VA HOSPITALS NOW? I had the story last week about a Phoenix VA that was allegedly lying about wait times to see a doctor.  Now it seems that the problem may not be confined to Phoenix as similar allegations are being made against a VA clinic in Fort Collins.  Employees were instructed to lie about wait times so no one got in trouble.  Unless you count the vets who had to wait way to long to see a doctor. 

IT'S NICE WHEN POLITICIANS FINALLY CRACK BACK AGAINST LIB REPORTERS During a candidate forum, a liberal newspaper got what they deserved from a candidate who didn't feel like taking any more garbage from a news staff clearly not concerned with reporting fairly or in an unbiased fashion.  When US Senate candidate Mark Callahan called out a reporter for writing blahblahblahblah when another candidate was speaking, the newspaper kicked him out of the meeting.  Good for him, he won't have to wasted his time and energy on these idiots.  Start the video at 1:06 for the exchange

I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD...But only if you are young and vibrant.  Why?  Some new studies are showing that young blood can help old people think young again.  This is not totally new, but these new studies are actually explaining how and why this works.  I wonder if the Q would give her mommy a pint. 

I GUESS THE RIGHT TO MARRY COMES WITH THE RIGHT TO FAIL AT IT. The first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church caused quite a brewhaha when he came out and created a fissure in the Church that has had long lasting effects.  And after marrying his long time partner, he is now divorcing.  I think I have more problem with a man of the cloth getting a divorce than I do him being gay.  Is that weird?

IF YOU QUIT, DO WANT IT TO GO VIRAL? I'm not sure exactly what this says about the world we live in, but according to a new survey 52% of us want to quit in spectacular fashion and have it go viral.  Is this narcissism at it's finest?  More importantly, does this kind of quitting need a certain kind of profession to pull it off?  If you're an attorney, do you do this?  I think not.